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Found one in a chest for the "Reported Crime" next to Petrochem, Ranco Coronado
Found another one in the "Assault In Progress" behind Petrochem dam, Rancho Coronado
I have the pistol shard in my inventory as a consumable which I used the duplicate glitch to make hundreds of them. Is there a trick to have skill shards move to inventory and not be used immediately?
If there's 2 in the same place you can get one in you inventory by taking them. Since 2 can't be used at the same time the extra gets put in your inventory.
Wasn't sure where petrochem was in Rancho Coronado, its east of the "Rancho Coronado East" fast travel point, and right next to the only ripperdoc in Rancho
I found one at an assault in progress in Santo Domingo just west of the Red Dirt Bar fast travel point. It's almost exactly to the west of the bar, there's a second assault in progress extremely close to the one with the perk shard so maybe clear them both if you don't find it at the first one.