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By Anonymous
Pacifica ripperdoc sells this
By Anonymous
Neal Stephenson is one of my fav scifi Cyberpunk writers.
Also should have made a Gibson deck, since William Gibson ('Neuromancer' trilogy) is the founder of Cyberpunk genre.
By Anonymous
I'd make the Gibson have a unique Daemon called "Air Guitar" makes the target pretend they're playng music causing other enemies to look and them and be confused or amused. basically turning humans or robots into "distractions" another one could be "Blowout/Amplification" turning cameras, speakers or other devices into sonic bombs making nearby enemies deaf for a few seconds. They won't be able to hear gunshots or loud noises in a certain radius around the device. If you use A.G on a Robot followed by B/A they will both last longer turning the robot into a continuous distraction, it will be like using "call backup" as other enemies follow the sound of the guitar. I think a good name for it could be the Gibson "Wrangler" Tapedeck Mk.1 Flavor text could mention how he was a Console Cowboy turned Rockerboy

That would make it a 2 for 1 pun.