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The mission for this weapon wont show up for me
This is not dropping from the northside boss : Tom ayer at all, is my game bug or sth? is the perk only require to craft it or you need it so that the blueprint of this weapon actually drop from the guy, im so confuse
If you check the url for the image of the gun location they are actually showing the buzzsaw one not the psalm rifle
same issue for me :/ tom ayer won't drop
Location is wrong hit both skulls only got buz saw can’t help but feel it come from Haywood couse most quest come from pasta are well us arageing meetings with god
I hit both skulls only got buzz saw have a feeling it comes from Haywood couse we are working for pad ray arranging meetings with god
Link to to bigger image is wrong.

Clicking the image under HOW TO ACQUIRE PSALM 11:6 shows the location of the buzzsaw crafting recipe.
I just left a comment about the image being wrong, I have downvoted it as I can't delete it

The image shown above is correct there are 2 Skull mission here quite close to each other.

1 has the buzzsaw.
1 has the Psalm 11:6

GJ me... i missed it... goodbye forever :D
Didn't drop from Tom for me.
Picture of location on wiki is wrong, it is actually at an organized crime spot located north of the one depicted in the photo, but it is only unlocked after you complete the one shown in the photo. The "boss" or guy who drops the crafting spec also has an issue where he will occassionally not drop it at all.
I ended up fixing this by installing a mod which allows console commands and then using this command to give myself the crafting spec which should have originally dropped for me from the enemy.

For anyone looking for this weapon should make a quick save before doing the crime activity. It seems to be bugged and doesn't always drop from the gang leader corpse. Just reload and do it again, should drop for ya.
wish i knew that before, ive gone too far. this bug sucks.
It seems like the blueprint does not show for everyone, its the only gun I missed from the Vs stash wall, **** im to far into the game to load the save, hope they add the blueprint to buy.