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For the "random rarity" mod recipes, it doesn't seem to be possible to craft legendary versions. Crafted 1000+ times and not a single one, so unless I have abysmal luck I think that it's bugged.
What does ads -1 stand for in the description for weapon mod scopes?
I think it means ''Aim Down Sights'' Time.
"aim down sight" - the amount of time it takes to go from holding the weapon to the point where you can fire after looking down the scope...
ads-1 means - 1(the amount of time) aiming down sights is reduced
I bought a cyberware mod schematic called Metal Plating from a ripperdoc that was labeled Epic but when i boughht it it transfered to my inventory as a Rare which is lower rarity. why is this? I did not have Grease Monkey required perk at the time under Crafting skill tree. But it was very expensive and i feel sort of robbed. Will this ever upgrade to what I actually bought once i get the Grease Monkey perk to craft Epic items or is it a loss?