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By Anonymous
Anyone find this in Purple or Yellow? Which ripdoc stocks it?
By Anonymous
There's no Epic Version which is weird, it just white blue and it Skips to Legendary which you can get with Dr Chrome in Kabuki
By Anonymous
You can get the green uncommon one from the blue hair chick (Nina Kraviz) in Westbrook charter hill. But the common one is better as they both slow time for 2 sec with a 60 sec cooldown but the common one slows to 25%
By Anonymous
Atm, there's a chance that the Synaptic Accelerator will cancel out your Sandevistan, if you have one installed. So it's a bad idea to use both at once.
By Anonymous
Nah. The chance of that happening is low. The same happens to me 10% of the time. But the combination of this Cyberware and when it ends, Sandevistan, is a 100% to end any combat in slow motion.
By Anonymous
Could go reflex tuner instead of synaptic acc, or even neofiber. Survivability is always nice lol
By Anonymous
After reading multiple threads, alot of people have looked at every doc for the Purple one, and its apperently not in-game.
By Ensvey
It says it has a 60 second cooldown but I don't think that's the case. If an enemy starts detecting me and it activates, and I hide again for like 1 second, it will re-activate when the enemy starts to see me again.
By Anonymous
I think it means the cooldown while in combat, so it could activate again if the combat lasted 60 seconds. Surely this is so you don't just chain the effects back to back with everyone detecting you within an area
By Anonymous
As of patch 1.5, Fingers sells the Epic Synaptic Accelerator
By Anonymous
Under 1.52 can I run both Kerenzikov in one slot and Synaptic Accelerator in the other while my cyberdeck is Sandevistan? They all do a bit of time dilation, but at different rates and different circumstances. Bottom line is that I wish I had the length of Sandevistan without all the BS 80s Video Toaster effect green lines. The look of Kren with a Sandev hybrid. Oh to dare to dream.
By Anonymous
I think it's meant to be annoying due to how overpowered these combos are lol especially with samurai build.