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By Anonymous
How far into the game do i gotta wait before i can do this mission??
By Anonymous
the very end, it's supposed to carry over once you beat the game, but it's bugged currently
By Anonymous
It’s during the final quest
By Anonymous
The gun just goes away once you beat the game....
By Anonymous
Wish I read this before I wasted like an hour retrying the god damn bottle challenge with my terrible-*** aim, lol. It's not even powerful, so what's the harm in letting you keep it for bragging rights?
By Anonymous
i beat this challenge and then the game crashed. rip.
By Anonymous
Why isn't this keepable
By Anonymous
Probably the programmers forgot to program this as a reward for finishing the story, or forgot to program in that you keep items and xp after ending. And if it was intentional, then it's just terrible design choice...
By Anonymous
Sadly u will loose all won or looted weapons and equipment during the final missions. (the game will warn u when u can't do the side quests if u want to start the mission.)
This weapon is nice but not must have. U can get better dmg versions with more crit. (my Overture does more dmg/crit dmg in one shot on the same lvl and this is a random drop)
By Anonymous
If you sit through all the credits after you beat the game you can jump back to just before "the point of no return"
By Anonymous
I got another Overwatch when i finished this ending, kept the jacket tho. rip revolver.
By LudwigPorpetoven
Has anyone encountered a bug where you can't equip the gun during Cassidy's challenge? All I can do is use some maxdocs and wait for the 15s to pass. Is there a fix for this? A mod or command where you can force equip weapons in safe zones?
By Anonymous
In patch 1.2.3 you get to keep Amnesty when you get back to outside (well now across the road from) Embers, however it appears to be bugged so it was just lvl 1 of 2 for me (I tested and was able do 48 upgrades) and it is locked from removing from your inventory or upgrading to Legendary. You can equip it, but that would mean I would be a lvl 50 character wielding a lvl 1 or 2 weapon .....
By Anonymous
Looks like this is bugged. As of 1.2.3, game gives you Items.q114_cassidy_revolver (quest item just for the shooting minigame, cannot be upgraded to legendary). Player should be getting Items.Preset_Overture_Cassidy
By Anonymous
Also have to use editor to mark it as not quest item. (v1.31)
If you want to put it into stash and craft it later.