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By Anonymous
Are mantis BLADES not effected by the blades perks in the reflex's skill tree?
By Anonymous
now and they are not affected by the coolness / stealth trees
By Anonymous
Found a legendary Haming-8 +45% attack speed rotor at the ripperdoc in Japantown.
By Anonymous
You can get the legendary version from the Assault in Progress right from the start of Act 2. Takes a bit of easy sneaking since the enemies will oneshot you if you get into combat.
By Anonymous
If you plan on using these with a Sandevistan, avoid the leaping attack. The kill animation will cancel Sandevistan and put on cooldown.
By Anonymous
i REALLY hope they fix this soon.... ruined my build and was forced to switch to katana
By Anonymous
Free legendary mantis
By Anonymous
Got them, right there
By Anonymous
these dont level scale and are much weaker than a katana, if you see the damage go up when leveling that's probably from improving body or reflex. so you have to spend 100,000 every couple of levels if you want them semi relevant. they are massively worse than even a generic katana and the iconic ones are much, much better. like 4x the damage. you also cant remove upgrades from them.
By Anonymous
The key to using mantis blades at high level is two things.

First, swap out the physical damage type for something else, preferably electrical since those aren't ineffective against robots like fire and poison. You need to do this because enemy armor scales MUCH higher than their elemental damage resistances.

Second, you want to combine attack speed with crit chance. This means stacking items like this:
Haming-8 Rotors
Crit Chance Sensory Amplifier
Weakspot Detection Optics Mod
Micromotors skeleton cyberware
Synaptic Accelerator cyberware (Unlike Sandevestin, this time slow is not ended prematurely by the leaping attack.)
Bioconductor cyberware (so that Synaptic Accelerator can trigger more often)
Limbic system enhancement cyberware
At least 3 Deadeye mods, installed on separate pieces of clothing

With these mods, at Legendary, you will have nearly 150% attack speed that will ramp up with some perks, and a 100% crit chance with Mantis Blades. You will be dropping crits with every single swing, and swinging 5 times or more per second. With this, Mantis Blades out-damage all other arm cyberware.

You can also use a Berserk system to drastically increase both crit and raw melee damage, but I find a cyberdeck with a breach protocol and its weakening effect ends up yielding better results than Berserk's damage. Berserk probably pairs better with gorilla arms for more damage per punch.
By Anonymous
As of 1.2, both free legendary mantis blades are gone.
By Anonymous
all three or just 2?
By Anonymous
Two of the ones listed above are the same ones, it looks like. But all the free legendary cyberware was patched out. Apparently the ones you picked up wouldn't scale to your level, unlike ones you purchased.
By Anonymous
Use the target analysis kiroshi optic mod to disable the stupid kill animation. You can dart through whole crowds of enemies with the leaping attack. And finish them off after the fight for double xp and street cred.