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It seems like if you have not heard of padre before this job, he will call you right when you open the garage to go out, causing the convo wiht misty at that point to be inaccesible.
The weird part is you always meed padre in the intro - he is in the montage at the start.... So that new introduction feels so odd
I can never manage to call Mama Wells before she sends two texts and berates you for not calling sooner. Seen youtube clips of anotehr convo with her where that does not happen.
You can pass the skill check with Level 6 Technical Ability and receive the tuned up version Jackie's Arch with a quad exhaust; the standard version has a dual exhaust.


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You can also grab the book "For whom the bell tolls" from a table next to the bike. Also, have you guys found any differences for picking one or another gift? What if you pick all 4?
heres the lines for each of the offerings:
ball: a heywood kid with a helluva ambition drive.
tequila: he always wanted more than he got outta life.
belt: he feared no one. and wasn't afraid. lived life to the fullest.
book: "when you go to war as a boy, you have a great illusion of immortality. other people get killed, not you... then, when you are badly wounded the first time, you lose that illusion."
there is no funeral for jackie for me, had to bug the garage door to get it open and get the room keybut the door doesnt open , did all the quests
The option to tune the bike (I believe) is also tied to being a Nomad. My characters always have points in tech, and I have done several playthroughs now (at 240 hrs), When my lifepath is corpo, even with a tech attribute of 10+ I don't get the option in conversation. I have only done 1 nomad run, and that is the only playthrough I've seen the option to talk about the bike, it pops up in a string after a nomad option to comment on the bike.
Anyone else confirm? Literally just did another run with corpo background, I saved points beforehand and raised tech to 20, still no option to talk about the bike outside the food factory.
I can't speak to street kid, only did one run there too, but I don't remember if the option was there on that run.



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Nomad AND Tech 6 required. The tuned-up version is cosmetically different only, same speed, though some claim handling/breaks are better.
I didn't have to complete the final step of Playing for Time in order to do this quest, by the way.