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By Anonymous
Look, I'm a 100% straight guy. But when River gifted me this beast of a revolver, I have to admit I considered settling down with him in the trailer park and bearing his child.
By Anonymous
When can i access the quest to get this? I'm already in act 2. is this easy to get?
By Anonymous
"When can i access the quest to get this? I'm already in act 2. is this easy to get?"
Yeah, if you do the 1st side mission for the Peralezes', they will introduce you to River; sometime later he will call asking for help, once you help him he'll invite you to dinner, after which he gifts you the gun.

It's similar to the Archangel Kerry will give you, only better (IME), hence I tend to switch to Archangel and save the Legendary upgrade of River's gun, to cut down on the upgrade mats, until higher levels.
By Anonymous
Get a Reflex, Tech, Cool build with this and upgrade the crap out of the gun. Stack purely crit chance, crit damage and headshot damage and you will oneshot everything while doing 150k damage headshots. Oneshots everything even on the hardest difficulty.
By Anonymous
Bullets fired travel slower than normal revolver. Big downside :( Harder to nail headshots in dynamic situations.
By Anonymous
I never noticed the bullets traveling any slower. Hit headshots just as with any other revolver. This thing is crazy good.
By Anonymous
This gun has a mission mark on it...i can't stash it or disassemble it. Am it the only one has the problem
By Anonymous
Same... Is the last one for my gun wall as well. Very frustrating, and not sure why it's marked as a quest item after the quests are finished.
By Anonymous
Had the same problem, you need to answer Joss and River in your text messages
By Anonymous
I answered them both and it's still stuck
By Anonymous
I got same problem as well. I made mistake with the gun and crafted legendary version of it. Rare version didnt disappear so i got stuck with legendary and rare version with mission marks. Once i read the text messages, rare version lost mission mark but legendary version had it still stuck. cannot even destroy the weapon, stash it or drop it

reported this behaviour to cyberpunk
By Anonymous
Never receive messages from river or Joss after the end of the mission...
By Anonymous
Just had to wait a few days after getting it. Then got a message from joss and then river. Mission mark was gone after answering rivers message
By Anonymous
is it necessary to wait or is it necessary to use it in addition ?
By Anonymous
Looks great on paper, but there's a biiiig downside to this gun. The bullets, even single shots, travel much slower than those fired from a regular revolver (which hit almost instantly outside time-slowing effect) .

That means less snap-headshots in mid-combat. Regular purple revolvers, given the upgrades, still 1-shoot 99% enemies with headshot crits. More damage is overkill, but the loss in accuracy hurts a lot.

Found out only when I upgraded it to Legendary the moment I got it. Fealt like a sidegrade from my non-unique purple revolver... Thanks for nothing, River :(
By Anonymous
Unless I've missed something on the base model of the Overture, this gun's big standout is that it is a revolver that can mount a silencer, and that comes along with the massive headshot multiplier that are innate to revolvers. One of the best stealth headshotters in the game. If you use one of the time slow operating systems and attach the "eliminates verticle recoils while aiming" mod to this gun, it will also melt pretty much anything with headshots.
By Anonymous
Yeah you can attach a suppressor to any overture...
By Anonymous
Most, if not all Power pistols/revolvers can mount suppressors. This is one of the advantages to the weapon type, as Tech and Smart weapons cannot mount them.
By Anonymous
Don't know why but the legendary version has less DPS than epic.
By Anonymous
There are two versions that you can potentially receive when you upgrade it - one has higher base damage with a lower headshot multiplier.
By Anonymous
I accidentally recycled this gun, is there any way to get it again?
By Anonymous
You have to craft it. Get the crafting perk that allows you to craft iconic weapons. You can remake any you picked up.
By Anonymous
Why is this a quest item? Apperently you can display it in your apartment but I can't remove it from my inventory. Then tho I have two...
By Anonymous
Becomes a quest item if you upgrade it to legendary. It's a bug, one of oh so many.
By Anonymous
I have both the epic and legendary in my inventory marked as quest items. Annoying.
By Amount-Proper
youll need mods to remove the quest item tag. braindance protocol should do the trick, but i dont have the link
By Anonymous
there is a slight delay between pulling the trigger and fireing and its extremely annoying. (u might not notice it. im used to using other revos and i go for sneaky silenced headshots. the delay makes it unusable to reliably land headshots on moving targets