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By Anonymous
Did you even use it once?
By Anonymous
I tried this militech berserk in game just now and it's duration is a whole 60 seconds (not 10). The cooldown is affected by the legendary bioconductor I'm using but it's a little above 30 seconds.

The item description in game is all wrong for duration.
By Anonymous
The action duration is **60 seconds** and the actual cooldown is 60 seconds.
This is without any other cyberware/mods like the Bioconductor (-30% cyberware cooldown) or chained berserk mod (-6 sec to Berserk cooldown)
By Anonymous
In case anyone else is wondering, the Athletics levelling glitch where you activate Berserk, do a punch/other stamina consuming action and go to character menu works with this Berserk mod (as well as any other)