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By Anonymous
does this mode still work if i have target analysis mod on (which has the ability headshots do not deal additional damage?
By Anonymous
It increases headshot bonus damage by 50%, so if you reduce headshot bonus damage to 0 and then * 50%... You get where I'm going with this.
By Anonymous
I'm trying to test it now, but I can't get reliable numbers.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know if they stack if you quit more than one?
By Anonymous
I noticed that the crafting spec for this is 520K and the mod is 20k. Why would you ever get the crafting spec?
By Anonymous
Nm, I know there is a perk that allows you to keep mods when you break something down but, yeah, you would get this to slot for better gear down the road but if you have 520K legit then it seems you would probably have maxed out everything by then. Just seems prohibitively expensive.
By Anonymous
So you can manufacture and sell them
By Amount-Proper
there truly is no reason for the crafting spec to be so expensive. assuming you're going to use only 3 for your entire playthrough (one in each slot on the Mk3 Kiroshi), the total for all of them would cost less than a fifth of the spec.
By Anonymous
Tested it with 3 pieces... Not stacking. Because of damage fluctuation it's even hard to notice a work of even 1 such mod.
By Anonymous
Again me, On Overwatch sniper riffle it seems that this mod doesn't work at all....
By Anonymous
I tested 1mod vs 2mods 10 times each. The mod doesn't stack. I couldn't see any significant increase in damage.
By Measurity
Updated the price and stats (50% -> 25%) for latest patch 1.5