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Is the requirement for cataresist messed up, it says 35 cool but the max is 20?
35% Resist - requirement is 15 Cool
Any info on how to find detoxifier?
if ur on pc just get the console command from nexus and use this
i linked the full list of items and command in the the comment ubove
for almost all the immune system cyberwear, its the fixer Finger M.D. but if you punch him during the story you cant buy his stuff
there are console command for pc here is the detox player.inventory.addItem(Items.ToxinCleanser,1)
and the full page for ALL commands is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iuq4Srh_661PdY_17bnrU15UbtCLieO_0ZhQ0uqQ0_Y/edit#gid=0

sooo have fun beating him
****. I killed Fingers.
player.inventory.addItem(Items.ToxinCleanser,1) here is the console command for the detox mate, should regret beating that creep



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...why is the majority for the cyberware Immune System from the MOST UNIVERSALLY HATED CHARACTER IN THE GAME?!
i aint simpin' for some women, fingers is a nice guy helping prostitutes live, fight me. also murdering someone for insulting someone is infantile, inability to buy some cyberware is your punishment people
Yea, so nice that he is selling them to be in snuff films.
You also cant buy from him if you just punch 1 time 1 time bruh jeez
Bruh. He gives the prositutes faulty implants, sold Evelyn off as a sex slave and is probably a rapist. Hating him is basic human decency. And as there is no proper law enforcement in NC, it's up to you to take matters into your own hands. Even if you don't agree with this conclusion, you should at least be able to see why you wouldn't want this guy anywhere near your anaesthetized V. I'm doing a second playthrough and I'm punching him again, even though the Pain Editor he sells would be perfect for the build I'm planning. Same thing with that sick **** Buck. You gotta have principles - it's the Witcher 3 doppler & succubus decoctions all over again. Although admittedly it feels forced with Fingers as, lore-wise, he shouldn't have these high-quality implants to begin with.
Luckily legendary shock and awe isnt at fingers lol
I have already poison resist with perk and bleeding and burn resist with cyberwares so dont care about cataresist fingers can sting it to his arse :D
Plus you can get all resist with cold blood effect at tree when you have cold blood stack
Just a head's up, you don't have to actually punch the guy to get locked out of his inventory. Selecting the option during the convo and then not committing to it after you push him down and he gives up the info still counts as hitting him, rather than threatening. Same result when you come back though, bandaged up and refuses to sell to you saying you cracked his jaw.