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kill me
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So uh.. where do ya'll find the Purple (Epic?) Version of the Synaptic Accelerator?
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Did you get hacked? I got an ad that looked like an old school, "OMGZO!>!>!>!>!)!)!#!#! Yo computah totally has a VIRUS bro! Click this link so I can upload a trojan to help you out!"
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By Evilkeeeper
Had no permission to revert, so added them manually. Also corrected some info, but the rest can be inaccurate.
By Anonymous
The ones that are missing is the Synaptic Accelerator, Nanorelays, Neofiber, and the Maneuvering System. The only one that I know where to get it is the Maneuvering System which can be bought at the ripperdock in Arroyo for 3000 ennies.
By Anonymous
Could someone please contact the admins and tell them to restore the missing items that aren't on this list? It's not just this page either there's a lot of pages that have missing items like the tamayura gun for instance.
By Anonymous
They're missing the synaptic accelerator right?