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By Anonymous
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to find Maneuvering System? I went to every ripperdoc in the game and I can't find it anywhere.
By Anonymous
The ripperdoc in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. He also has Legendary Kerenzikov
By Anonymous
can anyone tell me where the epic synaptic accelerator is?
By Anonymous
There is also Nanorelays. It allows you to increase Sandevistan and Kerenzikov duration by 2 sec. Its epic, but I also saw uncommon. Epic at the ripper from Arroyo. I wonder if there is a legendary one?

By Anonymous
Confirmed Epic Nano Relays Increasing duration by 2 Located in Arroyo
By Anonymous
Is Nanorelay really worth it even if you use Kerenzikov/cyberdeck?
By WxndaBread
No....Sandevistan lasts so long and the cooldown can be shortened to ridiculous levels, so its pointless
By Doomfrost
Can someone explain why the other entries were removed?
By Anonymous
There was vandalism on March 13th, removing several items from the Nervous System table.
Can someone restore missing items. As anonymous I have no way of doing this myself.
By Doomfrost
Wish I had the appropriate permissions as I'd revert the changes myself.
By Anonymous
I've been fixing little things that i can but i dont have the right tools to do something that big
By Anonymous
Um incomplete
By player1
Does anyone know how to contact admins to restore the version with missing items?