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This quest is in pretty bad shape currently. You can not escape the combat with the cops. Even if it's trivial to get away and jump over the fence when leaving the hospital, the combat mode stays on even if you go kilometers away.

I have no interest in killing the cops for no reason, so i'm ****.
I just spammed nades at the gate entrance. Killed most of them pretty quick, and then picked off the few extra. Hope this helps!
if youre such a p**sy just use a non-lethal weapon on them lmao wtf
Use less lethal weapons like emp or gas, you can also get a mod your your eyes that makes your shots do non lethal damage in exchange for not doing extra damage on ehadshots
I just shot them all in the head, only because they were shooting at me. Wouldn't have picked a fight with 'em otherwise.

But yeah sadly and very much to my disappointment this game falls in the trap of bad decision/narrative branching(or lack there of) like (spoiler?) when at judys place to plan for the Clouds thing.

You are even offered the chance to spar with one of the clouds peeps but can't actually spar, I doubt it's the writers who were too lazy to write something for the alternative outcome of the spar if you win but rather the game designers couldn't be bothered to or plain failed to even think to put some gameplay in there. Repulsive, but hopefully something a mod can help with for future replayability.
I'm also using a netrunner build, specializing in covert and nonlethal hacks. Missions like this are why I keep a headshot-mode but Pax-modded Skippy handy. I only have 5 in Body, Reflexes, and the Handguns skill atm, but I still took out the cops in just a few seconds without technically killing them. I'd say headshot-mode Skippy is OP, but it's nothing compared to the Contagion quickhack once you have the right perks and deck. Usually.
Also if you go back to check out on the cops and try to think a way to deal with them, they have no problem spotting you hundreds of meters away and shoot through walls.
I also ran and jumped fence. Didn’t wana kill cops if I don’t have to.. but quest marker stays locked and tracker says “Kill Cops”.. So you have to.
Makes sense afterwards, because if you don’t.. you wouldn’t know it was loaded with malware.
What I want to know is the outcomes of killing the doctor or letting him live.
I popped his ***.. was going to let him live, til he lied about the virus the first time you ask.
At that point, cops are dead, so why lie? He’s a POS.


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Killed the **** too. You're a doctor, need to care for patient, if he was doing this against his will he would have informed me about the virus once I dealt with the cop. He did not, well I don't care for a doctor like this. Today it's because of a cop request, next what'll be ?
Quest bugged out on me. When I went up to the contact after the cop fight, I got the F grab option at the same time as the talk option. I tried to pick a dialogue option and snapped his neck on accident. Didn't even hear about the virus. Really pissed I got the bad ending for no reason.
I managed to talk with him but didn't have the int at the time to pass, no mention of any virus or anything from him either, so I shot the rat in the head. Had my suspicions about the package but no way to know that the bastard had to live.
Mission is next to impossible with quickhack build because currently can't quickhack police at all and they can one shot kill you from any view distance through most walls

There is a wall of concrete near the road, go to the highest point of it and they only just can't hit you while you shoot at them. Every time you kill one, drive away and save the game. Once you've cleared out the ones out front of the gate, you need to run up and throw a grenade or two until you manage to bait another one to come out of the gate to fight you.

Eventually you can kill them but its such a ridiculous mission these cops are harder than any boss in the game.
You might be under leveled or don’t have the right weapon. I could bring them down in two to three shots. They do a lot of damage but if you keep moving and using heals (at least 40%), maybe toss out a few frags, you should be fine


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While I didn't like the cop-killing aspect of this mission, I was glad that you didn't ultimately need the high-intel in order to choose a dialogue tree that ended with the doctor giving you the means to remove the virus from the implant.
Kinda obvs, but you CAN kill the hospital employee after you have the shard that removes the virus. It may seem like the wrong thing to do, but he did lie even after getting confronted and killing all the cops. It was only if you're smart enough that you get the truth out of him.
Lmao@ all the losers who refuse to kill cops xD Killing the cops was the best part. I then punched the hospital worker in the face for concealing the truth about the virus.

Be sure not to grab the hospital worker. Wait for the dialogue.
I don`t know what a problem many people have with shooting cops in game, just use non lethal mod for your eye implant. It works for all your weapons and you can switch it on/off any time.