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By Anonymous
Where is it located.
By Anonymous
The ripperdoc closest to the big roundabout in the city center
By Anonymous
Where the heck do I find this?
By Anonymous
Does this thing actually exists? Aside from this wiki page, I haven't seen anyone else talking about it and can't find it in-game either.
By Thainomian
The iconic one is at City Center, Downtown ripperdoc
By Anonymous
Only available at Fingers. if you don't punch him.
By Anonymous
Doc pay-me-back had a legendary one on hand.
By Anonymous
Just got a legendary one from a SIde Job: Monster Hunt. What does the mod actually do though?
By Anonymous
The mk5/legendary version seems to be bugged. Tried it with Comrade's Hammer, and it can only be reloaded once. Tested it with legendary Breakthrough, and you can only do a full charge shot once. Unable to charge the second shot fully after firing off the first. These two incidents seem to point that the slow time effect affects V as well. Also, not seeing any increase in headshot critical damage, though description states it has +50%.
By Anonymous
Headshots don't count as criticals. Criticals are random based on crit chance.
By Anonymous
I dont know the any of the lore from the TTRPG so i may be wrong. Plus the new cyberpunk edgerunners trailer clearly show someone moving very fast and firing very fast (not sure if it sandevistan mod that is being used tho).

From what I understand the sandevistan only puts your internals in this time dilatation. So your muscles can move melee weapon(s) fast but a gun is still limited to its real time mechanics. I sometimes start a time dilatation with a gun and fire a single shot at an enemy head then switch to melee to take out some of his other buddies before the bullet even lands.

tl;dr: sandevistan is for melee.
By Anonymous
the mk4 is actually better than the mk 5, and is the best in the game. becuase of the low cooldown time, use 2/3 heatsinks and the legendary bioconductor for -30% cool down and the cooldown is either 5/3 seconds. legendary karanzikoff plus nanorelay is 5.5 seconds so you can switch between the two infinitely
By Anonymous
I like to think of the mk 4 as the “David” sandevistan, because you can reactivate it almost as fast as he does in the show
By Anonymous
i mean, if the goal is to always be running it, why not just use a cyberdeck? if you keep mobile the enemies can't hit you as long as you're focusing on a hackable object, and you can still deal damage with combat / ultimate quickhacks (or better yet, get reboot optics and increase your max spread count, then when everything's blind just pull out legendary O-five and get a couple headshots with a karanzikoff)
By Anonymous
Not everyone finds hacks fun or wants to invest in intelligence. I find hack boring and being 10x speed 100% of the time very fun. Plus it makes the boxing fights actually winnable
By Anonymous
Because slowing down time is cool as ****
By Anonymous
**** optimal builds stopping time is cool as hell.
By Anonymous
Gone are the days of using the mk 4 for half a minute with a cool down of 3 seconds. Gone are the days that 98% of time spent is actually just running around with a sandy active.