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By Godard
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The best cyberdeck in the game second to none. Suicide, Detonate Grenade, Cyberpsychosis, all spread to an additional target and faster. There is nothing better than this. And nothing more powerful than this cyberdeck in the game.
By Anonymous
i mean, really all that matters is reboot optics and a karanzikoff, reboot everyone's optics, and pull out O-five for some headshots
By Anonymous
even in patch 1.5 still the best cyberdeck!
By Anonymous
Does the ultimate spreading stack with other abilities that increase spread (such as legendary contagion, or perks)?
By Anonymous
No it does not. All legendary quickhacks can spread once and you can't further enhance that effect. Still, this is the most powerful cyberdeck in the game. Combine this with Suicide and Cyberpsychosis and you're virtually unstoppable.
By Anonymous
Legendary quickhacks spread more than once. Just ultimate quickhacks will only spread once. i am using the Rippler and Cripple Movement for example is always spreading over a whole group of enemys.
By Anonymous
I went to that shop and it wasnt there. Did they randomize after 1.5? Is there a mission where this is lootable?
By Anonymous
most likely has a level cap, some ripperdoc items will only become available at level 50
By Anonymous
Street Cred Required: 40
By Anonymous
best in game, all the rest are not equal to 1 part of this cyberdeck, SSS tier
By Anonymous
I testet all Cyberdecks and to be honest with legendary Quick Hacks (ping) every fight feels unfair and you can clean everything easyly.
But this cyberdeck is a total different level! With a bit of cyberware and skills there is no more upload time or even cooldown. The ultis cost 1-2 RAM and you get back more ram per kill than the ultis cost.

And you can respec and get back 8 skill points easyly as you don‘t need more dmg or crit dmg, more spread (doesn’t work) or several other skills.
By Anonymous
Seriously, the game needs more enemies with more HP.

Fights end way too quickly esp when you can look at a room full of enemies and delete them in seconds.