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lol nope. not in the game
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In my opinion it was best to have a fixed class system instead of the fluid class system, i lost count how many times i restarted the game because of this stupid fluid class system
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"Cyberpunk used a fluid class system so you won't be locked into just one class. Instead, you can mix and match abilities between Techie, Solo and Netrunner.

Classes in Cyberpunk 2077 are intended to be fluid, giving players the freedom to play what they want.."

No, not really. There is currently NO method to redistribute your 5 core attributes (other than console commands) - the rank of perks available in each attribute is limited by attribute score and the sub skill levels are capped at the attribute score.

Fundamentally this means that you cannot fluidly change your builds like this suggests at higher levels because you simply do not have access to stronger perks for uninvested stats. If I have 20 INT/20TECH build that is a god at crafting and quickhacking, I cannot suddenly become a melee god because my BODY and REFLEX are still 3.

There is a consumable item you can buy from ripperdocs, "Tabula Rasa", that resets Perk Points, but that is limited in flexibility by the issue above. The best it can provide is allowing investment into different trees within a given stat, so you can switch between shotguns and fists if you have BODY or swap between handguns, blades, and rifles if you have REFLEX.

Disappointing really.
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This needs updating
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Please create a page about device hacks. "Distract, Remote Activation, Take Control, Breach Protocol, Steal Data, Overload, Friendly Mode, Assist Mode".