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By Anonymous
In the blaze of glory path you get to witness V and your love interest finally rich and at the top. But your love interest breaks up with you and it’s revealed V is still dying. Important left out details. It’s kinda cold and heartbreaking especially when the credits roll and Judy goes yea hope you figure it out. but possible DLC teased.
By Anonymous
Unfortunately all the endings are cold and heartbreaking for V, even the Nomad one as you're still clearly dying. Just a lesser of all evils, as is the case with most CDPR scenarios. Though I have no idea what would happen to V in Cyberspace.

I know its heartbreaking but tbh Blaze of Glory is probably the ending that gives V the best chance for triumph with All Along the Watchtower. You lose your relationship with Judy and die soon, but clearly you're breaking Arasaka up a bit and theres no real explanation on what Mr. Blue Eyes is offering.

DLC content might require you to not progress through Nocturne since that fails almost all current side missions, so it may not relate to the endings itself. Or it could add a new ending/augment the endings in some way. Will be interesting to see.

Also tarot cards. AAtW and BoG endings got good tarots from Misty, Arasaka didn't. Not sure if the tarots are random but the dialogue for them seems static (referencing taking the world on in BoG and good things ahead for AAtW). Worth mentioning I thought.
By Anonymous
My mistake, Path of Glory PoG lol, not Blaze.
By Anonymous
Panam treats you similarly if you romanced her; I imagine the same case with Ward.
A path of glory is a lonely path.
By keerp
I'm confused, is it not possible at all to romance Judy AND get a "good" ending (where V survives, isn't alone) without also cheating on her? (Nomad ending was the first i got, without guides, and god was that wholesome(even more for my Corpo V who i had intended to play as a cutthroat *******, but he got a change of heart because of the Nomads)) That's sad, Judy is my second favourite character, the whole Evelyn situation really got me. #JohnnySilverhandIsTheUltimateScumbag
By Anonymous
You can get an ending with all along the watchtower where Judy is your partner and comes with you and the Aldecaldos. I think you have to be a female though. I got that scenario on a Corporat Female.
By Anonymous
I romanced Kerry and he did not break up with V.
By Anonymous
Yeah seems to get a good ending with Judy you have to go with the Aldecaldos. Judy does say she wants to leave the city a couple of times but it's not super obvious she's hell bent on it.
By Anonymous
I wish there was a good ending with River... I haven't finished the game and kinda don't want to now.. his relationship with V is so wholesome, I wish they had a proper ending for them. Had enough time to make one for Panam but not River like??? Disappointed..
By Anonymous
I'm confused, is it not possible at all to romance Judy AND get a "good" ending (where V survives, isn't alone) without also cheating on her? (Nomad ending was the first i got, without guides, and god was that wholesome(even more for my Corpo V who i had intended to play as a cutthroat *******, but he got a change of heart because of the Nomads)) That's sad, Judy is my second favourite character, the whole Evelyn situation really got me. #JohnnySilverhandIsTheUltimateScumbag
By Anonymous
It's also implied during Misty's epilogue call that with romancing Judy and leaving Night City with the Nomads, Judy is also helping the Nomads make V survive a lot longer than expected. Whatever they did and whoever they called, it worked.
By Anonymous
It appears you need 50% "relationship" with Johnny to fulfill the Don't Fear the Reaper ending requirement. So Johnny's "Good side" is more of a 50/50.
By Anonymous
It's a mandatory 70%
By Anonymous
Everyone downvoting you is plain wrong, I'm also getting it to trigger at only 50%. Not sure where this mythical 70% figure is coming from.
By Anonymous
I've got 60% and it doesn't trigger
By Anonymous
Triggers at 50% or 70%... not at 60% =/
By Anonymous
We need a list of quests that affect the relationship with Johnny Silverhand. I got:

90% Edgerunner
60% You Only Live Once
40% Down to the Wire

Can't unlock the solo Ending. I heard that you need 70% You Only Live Once. But this is where that questlist comes in handy.
By Anonymous
Can confirm. I'm at 90/60/40 and can't get the solo ending.
By Anonymous
yes, need at minimun 70%
By Anonymous
You have to make sure you're picking the right options when talking to Johnny to get 70%. There are guides on it, but make sure you're not mean to him when visiting his "grave". A lot of people mess up there apparently.
By Anonymous
The above posters saying you need 70% are wrong - I unlocked it with 50%. You might need 50%+, didn't try with anything lower than that, but you definitely don't need 70%.
Contrary to what the article states, you also don't seem to need to complete Panam's questline, or at least you don't need Queen of the Highway complete.
I messed up in my original save, checked this article, loaded a save prior to Chippin' In to get the correct dialog options, and got it to trigger at 50% with Johnny and with Queen of the Highway unfinished (no Panam option in the rooftop dialogue either).
Another thing to note is that "after a few minutes" means 4:30 minutes from my testing, so make sure you wait at least 5 minutes in the rooftop dialogue scene before you decide it doesn't work.
By Anonymous
You can get the ending at exactly 50 percent if you answer Johnny right. I visited his grave, finished the date to unlock Rogue's path, then the conversation was unlocked.
By Anonymous
I did the secret ending with 40% - Synergy. I don't think it's a completion percent, I think it's a balance deal.
By Anonymous
We also need to write a clearer definition and solution in case V flatlined (even twice than the V's double heart cybernetics) in the suicide mission with Johnny Silverhand. Is it game over as V has to start over from the lifepath choice? This fact would be really helpful for anyone who wished to do this mission with him.
By Anonymous
It's game over as in you get the credits screen and can then load any of your previous saves after the credits are over or you skip them. The last point you can actually save at and still be in a freeroam state (as in go around doing other jobs) is before what the game itself points out as the point of no return, ie. before entering the club during Nocturne Op55N1.
By Anonymous
Also, keep in mind it's a really difficult ending, enemies seem to be scaled way higher than anything you'd encounter in a regular job or during freeroam. Highly recommend you're at least level 45+ with really good upgraded and moded armor/weapons, and as many of the "+ max health" and "recovers x% of health when you drop below x% health" cyberware.
It's really easy to get flatlined in seconds at the very first pack of NPCs in the building if you're undergeared and underleveled, which is anticlimactic as all hell.
By Anonymous
Tbh I was kind of disappointed at the ending. I wish it was kind of like Fallout 4, where you could continue after you beat the game. I believe CDPR could've been a bit more creative. BUT! The ending is hella sad as well, and definitely got a few tears from me at the credits scene. The game was definitely worth playing, and I chose the "Just one more gig." option just so I can really enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 in all it's glory. This is Sdji, and I'll see you later chooms!
By Anonymous
no ending is satasfieng, v dies in every ending; i truly hope cd red makes a dlc ala blood and wine to give us the happy ending we deserve.
By keerp
I dunno, in the All Along the Watchtower ending it does seem that V is getting better.
By Anonymous
they tried very hard to make the game as realistic as possible with minimal funny side quests (brendan), meaning that they can't really fit a "happy ending" to "corporate overlords, lost in cyberspace, confusion, fear".
similar to GTAV, you need to kill Trevor or Michael, or leave your friendships still considering yourself as horrible people.
By Anonymous
I really liked the Panam romance and siding with nomads ending, for sure its the happyest ending, though as far as i can tell now V still dies after 6 months anyway since its inevitable but maybe the contacts Panam mentions during the ending could have helped.
By Anonymous
That stupid user spoiling GTA V in an unrelated game's wiki. Can't believe it, how can you be this shameful and dishonorable...
By Anonymous
Technically the best Ending is with Arasaka...Alt is a rogue AI which gains Power with any other Ending...and we all know what that leads to...(Skynet/Terminator)...
Also there are people with "full chrome" Bodies like Lizzy Wizzy...so there is a change V could get her Body back, after made into an Engram, same as Johnny...
By Anonymous
Im not sure but i think the best ending where we actually survives is when we accept getting stored in Arasaka, but only if Takemura is alive as we know he does not break his words
By Anonymous
Panam Quest is the happy ending, at least for now until new game plus shows up with DLC.

Happy: V rides off into the moonlight with Panam. Rogue is still Rogue. basically everyone in night city is doing great (at least with my choices).

not so happy: our favorite politician does seem to be going nutty, but well, we all know that's gonna be in DLC. Saburo is still in charge of Arasaka, and he killed Hanako, which isn't how i would want to leave it.

This Ending gives us hope. we have the hope of finding a way to deal with our body, and at the worst they could Freeze you. Living with Panam, and becoming a member of the clan, is a chance at good life, even if we only get a short time to live it. Freedom with the nomads, with best girl.
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By Hejtman
I agree and disagree at the same time: I find it good that a game like that finally decided to be gritty and dark to the very end and not be a fairy tale with a deus ex machina that saves you when everyone and everything was condemning you. BUT, since it's a game with a lot of endings and choices already, they definitely could have put in at least ONE for those who want it.
By Anonymous
I didn't kill grayson my mikoshi percentage is 50% amd did all side missions necessary to unlock it can i access it or not i just didn't kill grayson
By Anonymous
(DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER is bugged. I did every option that it says, every quest, always sided with Johnny... No option to do it...
By Anonymous
You have to wait 5min and select nothing...
By Anonymous
I followed it as well and got no option, even after waiting 5 minutes.
By Anonymous
It's not bugged, you're probably not at 70% affinity with him. Had the same issue, reloaded, and I actually messed up 1 sentence during the visit at his "grave". Be careful to what you tell him there.
By Anonymous
Even with max level, OHKO guns and 5000+ armor (after cold blood, mods etc), you can get flatlined during Don't Fear The Reaper in seconds, especially in the final two rooms. Absolutely go for survival/second chance cyber-ware/perks before starting the ending sequence.
By Anonymous
As netrunner only 1st room is a challenge.
By Anonymous
to stack armor mods, they have to be different mods. like 240 armadillo/235 armadillo/230 armadillo. they will all stack and you can get like easily 6k base (7% from launcher arm mod), 10k+ from cold blood and melee (armor while moving) buffs. On very hard only crusher can hurt you. No cold blood as hes the only enemy and I think he does some kind of elemental damage