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By Anonymous
Okay so i noticed of you have the mod for the eye that makes all your attacks none lethal will the game think you chose the pacifist mode then you get the dialogue hense letting you keep the stone cold killer for both
By Anonymous
I thought Skippy was the best gun but then I found Comrade’s Hammer
By Anonymous
"What now, you piece of filth"
Nice witcher reference
By Anonymous
1.5[PC] I changed to Stone Cold Killer mode while using target analysis.
I'm playing more of a vigilante.
My question is: will Skippy w/TA still only KO? I like to put 'em down w/TA -- or non-lethal Quickhacks -- and then check their crimes and execute 'em, using Dagger Dealer with my Stinger, if they're "naughty/not nice" enough ;-). I also get easy credit for head shots.
By Anonymous
I choosed puppy mode but after 50 kills it said I am changing to puppy mode and stuck like that
By Anonymous
Make sure to double tap enemies, they’ll be on the ground and sometimes they are still alive
By Anonymous
I managed to choose "Stone Cold Killer" mode initially and keep it after 50 kills. With the legendary Short Circuit quickhack equipped, most (all?) of my kills ended up being non-fatal. Eventually Skippy asked me why I chose to "maim" my opponents. I refused to answer and Skippy chose to switch to "Stone Cold Killer" mode.
By Anonymous
So i chose puppy loving pacifist mode from the start, got 50 kills, and now he STAYS in puppy loving pacifist mode.
By Anonymous
Did you actually get kills, or is there a pac on him? Or something else that makes him knock people out instead of killing.
By Anonymous
On my builds that don't rely on hacks, I run with 3 types of weapon equipped, 1 that lets you stay stealthed (normally an Overture, silenced OFC), one for use in combat (Achilles or Comrade's), and one for panic mode when your cover is under pressure from too many mobs; Divided we Stand is an amazing panic mode weapon, so I tend not to get it too early on in game or it will have lost it's punch by the time I need it. This is where Skippy comes in, just sits there in slot 3, never consuming upgrade materials but always putting out the damage. Is it the best damage, no, but it's consistently good damage, just remember to switch him out for something non-smart if you think you may end up in panic mode against Tygers.

There is a lot of hate for Skippy in these comments, some of it is just the cost of never having to upgrade him; he'll never be legendary, that is the cost. The rest is complaints about the buggy nature of the quest, don't let that detract from the usefulness of this gun when you are essentially under leveled and lacking the tools to prevent panic modes from occuring.
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Skippy also likes to hum Disturbia by Rihanna. In cas you were wondering what that song was.
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Dude I did and nothing happened.
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Yes, chlorine gas is dangerous indeed.