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can someone tell which music is playing while mission. same music that judy sings
It’s called “Bells of Laguna Bend”
Pyramid Song is a song by Radiohead. Judy has some of the lyrics tattooed to her body. It thematically fits her struggles in the game. My favorite mission in the game and best video game romance I’ve seen.
Plus ‘jumped in the river - what did I see?’

Love that link
Does anyone know the name of the song during the actual sexy scene? It's v nice and completely different to the rest of the songs in the game
bells of laguna bend
Can't start mission for no reason lol. She just doesnt call me. I was waiting for several days and did other quests but useless. Any solutions?
Did my game bug out or, did anyone notice the character icon in the mini map out in the water just below the deck Judy is sitting on? It's marked Evelyn. You can even scan the exact location to see it's marked Evelyn Parker. Either a small detail the devs put in showing Judy buried Evelyn in the place that means the most to her or, it's an oddly appropriate bug. Either way, It freaked me out a bit.
yeh i had it too, pretty nice
It's probably because they use her voice in the quest, so her character has to be somewhere in the scene. Badly hidden most likely.
there is a cross right side of church stairs
It doesn't make much sense for her to say hey here is access to my place you can move in or drop by occasionally to visit me, but I wont be in the city anymore, so what
the ****