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By Anonymous
I can't put this gun in the stash...
Anyone solved this bug?
By Anonymous
Same here. Pretty annoying!
By Anonymous
I think this has been fixed. Didnt notice the issue with 1.04, but i know in 1.06 i dont have this problem. Only with johnnys cloths and some other items.
By Anonymous
Its because its noted as a quest item which may mean its part of a future quest like with Skippy
By Anonymous
You don't get this from winning the shooting contest during Shoot to Thrill.
By Anonymous
Maybe you get it, if you didn't buy it the first time...
By Anonymous
Can confirm you don't get this from winning the shooting contest during Shoot to Thrill.
By Anonymous
One of the best guns in the game, though if you want a handgun with a more weighty feel, look elsewhere
By Anonymous
I find it funny that the Lexington is supposedly a 9mm pistol, but since Wilson refers to this one as V's "45", that implies the Dying Night is special in that it's been rechambered in .45 caliber.
By Anonymous
Maybe that's it has the increased headshot damage. It's modified to fire .45 ACP instead of 9MM.
By Anonymous
Or Wilson could have been referring to a unity which shoots .45 and is basically the default pistol for any cutseen.
By Anonymous
A note, this gun upgraded to Legendary has a 5.3 headshot modifier. I think the highest ive seen.
By Anonymous
With mods you can make it 7 headshot multiplier so at lvl 50 legendary it can have 70k dmg
By Anonymous
I feel like the special abilityu description of this this gun, and Crash are reversed, since the crash doesnt seem to fire full auto. dunno abut if it does more headshot damage
By Anonymous
The special abilities of Dying Night and Crash are correct because...

1: The base model of dying night is the M-10AF LEXINGTON which is a full auto pistol.
2: Crash only fires full auto while aiming and holding the trigger down though not like a assault rifle
3: Even with the special ability of Dying Night, Crash is a revolver and they have a higher headshot multiplier then pistols.
By Anonymous
Perfect gun for stealth play through. Combine with a net runner build and reboot optics with a Ravenmk4 deck or NightwatchMk5 and the passive from contagion. Plus the added benefit of the Kerenzikov Nervous System mod.

Go in, Breach, ping, hit first target with contagion and start ADS head popping. With the Reboot Optics Daemon hard mode is more like story mode.