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By Anonymous
Armor would only reduce DPS if if just removed a percentage of damage - and that sounds unlikely. If so, what's the percentage? Saying it removes "1 DPS" is basically meaningless to make decisions ingame with augments that either give large armor (I found a orange one that gives 200 armor, my armor ATM from gear is 302, so a 66%ish increase). I want to know if it's worth the price and the slot instead of being immune to some kind of damage.

Armor most likely removes a certain damage from each hit up to a minimum value, and that's the math I'm after - just want to know I can be borderline impervious from normal small arms fire or if this isn't a thing.
Start testing and theory-crafting.

The game is brand new if you want to know, find out!
By Anonymous
From my experience, armor does **** all in Very Hard. I feel like enemies of High Threat (certain threshold above your level) have armor piercing. Obviously lots of testing to be done, but I had 400 armor at level 15 and was getting one shot from assault rifles
By Anonymous
During the same Danger:High mission I tried with over 3000 armor, and about 700. In both situations, I ended up getting 2-shot many times. My feeling is that armor hardly does anything at all, at least against higher level enemies on very hard difficulty. There may be some kind of low hard cap. Percent reduction also seems more likely than flat reduction, if the stat even works at all.
By Anonymous
It's flat 1 DMG per 10 armor on normal. Melee weapons don't count, they seem to ignore armor and deal flat percentage DMG. On very hard difficulty DMG done to you is at least doubled. Truth to be told, it's absolutely all over the place. If you play on very hard you can play naked. Won't change much, you will not outpace the damage with armor. Immunities are better in that regard, at least you won't have additional incoming tick DMG. High threat enemies will pretty much always kill you in 1 or 2 attacks independent from difficulty level and your DMG is reduced to something between 50 and 20 DPS. It's just a polite way of making areas inaccessible if you don't have the right level. All that means absolutely nothing though if a enemy sniper riflewith 1243-1519 DMG deals 300 DMG raw without armor and 1 DMG with 3000 armor on. The scaling is allover the place.
By Anonymous
WTB actual numbers on the armor values, if there are any caps or scaling....
The ingame explainations on it or any defencives are very poor.
By Anonymous
The only way of removing "1 DPS" I can think of - is a vitual shield wich resets every second.
40 Armor gives 4 expendable points.
When hit by 10 dmg shot - damage reduced to 6.
Points are spent, shield is on 1 sec cooldown, evety hit receivied in this second will do full dmg.
By Anonymous
To figure out how armor actually works, you could save and load a single fight a bunch of times, always kill all except one specific enemy, record how much damage each hit deals, get hit several times to eliminate randomness, and swap gear to test different armor values. Dump all your data into Excel, Google Sheets or whatever, maybe plot some graphs, share it and try to suss out the armor formula, etc.

I don't care enough to do that myself ("More armor = Less damage" is good enough for me), but if someone wants to do it, this is how... Unless you can get the devs to just tell you how armor works, of course.
By Anonymous
Is armor static and locked to the level you obtain it at? Or does it scale? For example if I pick up a legendary clothing at level 2 will it have lower stats than if I were to pick it up at level 15?
By Anonymous
from what I can tell, individual articles are static. you pick up some muddy sneakers at the start of the game, the stats will be low, but pick up a new pair a little later and the stats will be higher, raising as you progress. but those sneakers you picked up at the start will still be garbage. if the item has a range beyond equip level, I don't know, but it doesn't seem like it.

the only exception to this are V's clothes, which seem to scale with progression. I put V's clothes into storage practically at the start of the game, and just reaccessed my stash to put some iconic weapons away and found that that shirt that only had 5 armour now has 50 (actually better than anything I've got on hand right now lol). not sure what triggers the scaling or when it scales up, I don't think it happens in real time (if it did I wouldn't have put it away in the first place), maybe you have to sleep or let time pass for it to update.
By Anonymous
You can upgrade pretty much anything in the game. I would wait every few levels, since upgrading a legendary armor piece every level would be very cost prohibitive.
By Sniperfox47
Do yorinobu's Shirt, Pants, and Coat not count as "Unique" armour? As far as I know they're only acquirable once in a specific mission but they're not listed above. not sure if there are any other Unique clothing I may have missed so far but i think those should qualify.
By Anonymous
It is not, i found similar/same Armor in a Vendor.
By Anonymous
Some testing on the armour values that I thought I'd share for someone else to update the doc with (I'm unfamiliar with wiki editing).

My buddy is close to endgame and has a lot of armour mods, so he was able to test several different armour levels against enemy guns.

Results TL;DR: every 40 points of armour negated 1 point of damage. The armour scaling is linear for projectile weapons only. Enemy melee weapons bypasses armour.

Testing methodology:
1. Find a non-boss enemy. (this enemy had an AR)
2. Save game.
3. Unequip all armour and armour cyberware. (armour=0)
4. Have enemy shoot you, pause, and check health lost. Divide number if hit multiple times.
5. Repeat multiple times and take the damage average.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 with different armour levels.

Armor Damage Taken Damage Prevented Armor/Damage Prevented
5370 24 134.02 40.06864647
4286 51 107.02 40.04858905
3203 78 80.02 40.02749313
2436 96 62.02 39.27765237
1670 116 42.02 39.74297953
941 135 23.02 40.87749783
212 153 5.02 42.2310757
0 158.02 0 0

R squared is basically 1.
(fingers crossed my ctrl+v excel formats properly here)

By Anonymous
The formatting did not work well. I'll try transposed.

Damage Taken----------------24----------51--------78--------96------------116----------135----------153-------158.02
Damage Prevented-----------134.02----107.02---80.02----62.02-------42.02--------23.02-------5.02-------0
Armor/Damage Prevented---40.06-----40.04-----40.02----39.28--------39.74------40.88-------42.23------0

I'm sorry if this is still atrocious.
By Anonymous
I give up. The numbers are there though, albeit hard to read because of spacing. Columns are: 'Armour' - 'Damage Taken' - 'Damage Prevented' - 'Armour/Damage Prevented (Armour per 1DR)'
By Anonymous
ARMR. D.taken D.prevented.
5370 24 134
4284 51 103
3203 78 80
2436 96 62
1670 116 42
941 135 23
212 153 5
0 158 0
Damage prevented by every 40 armor — 1.
DR% per 100 armor — 1.58% (probably, need to test another one enemy). And i guess you notice this. per 100 armor it's 2.5 flat and 1.58x1.58=2.49. And 1.58 here cause 1% of base damage... But i came here with a question "does armor do anything?" and i've got my answer, thanks buddy. I'm not intrested to reverse engeeniring bs. At my lvl i can add ~400 armor to reduce incoming damage by 6%, OR 60% crit chance or 120% CD.
By Anonymous
ARMR. D.taken D.prevented.
By Anonymous
I think the weapon fire rate and how long you took the damage matters. Because if this was true, fast firing weapons would be very weak, to the extreme. I suspect the mitigation is actually dps dependent not direct damage reduction.
By Anonymous
Problem i have with armor in this game is you cant wear what you like because the armor rating rises like a rocket. i think thats the reason we have no 3person view. so we dont see how much of a ******* clown we actually look most of the time
By Anonymous
after a couple of upgrades the price to upgrade is also ridiculous high so you have no choice but to give up the piece. for example i love v's starting pants. after the armor value hits the 20s you pay like 200 uncommon material to upgrade it. a similar jeans that freshly dropped but looks like barfed on costs 20 uncommon bits
By Anonymous
I'm glad there's the "cover up" armors for that reason. The hazmat suit I think is fun and the netrunner gettup is pretty spiffy.
By Anonymous
The other reason is that the characters animations are terrible. There's a video showing the camera getting stuck, so you can see how bad they are.
By Anonymous
Played the whole game (all endings included) while having around 1200 armor. (20 int (20 quick hacking, 18 breach protocol), 20 reflex (11 blades, 13 assault rifles), 20 tech (crafting only)). Never changed V's new pants (upgraded them to have 40 armor I believe, that's it). Glasses that I found in act 1 had 15 armor. Boots from act 2 I managed to find in late game, so those had 90 armor (no mod slots). Never wore any kind of hat, cause I loved my V's haircut. I kinda died in like two or three shots, but in 90% of the cases, they weren't even able to fire a single bullet. After reaching level 20 in quick hacking, focued on the blade, cause it's an absolute blast when you can run into a group of dudes and slice em all up before they can raise the alarm.
By Anonymous
Legendary inner and outer torso armor can spawn / be crafted with 4 mod slots.
As a side note: crafted Armadillo mods give you a massive Armor boost and are very cheap to craft, so always keep the equipment with the most mod slots.