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By Anonymous
Any information about the maths behind the Armor stat available yet?
By Anonymous
Wondering this myself. I've got 90 armor now, but could buy a subdermal implant for all my cash that would increase my armor to almost 300. Thats either a huge difference, or barely anything. No idea what it would actually do.
By Anonymous
So far it feels like a total placebo. I've been at over 900 armor for a while and still die in a couple hits. I'll be testing at almost 2000 armor in a few hours, but I don't expect it to feel any different.
By Anonymous
Well it says 10 armor reduces dps by 1.
By Anonymous
I have posted in the official reddit thread a few times. There appears to be an issue for some players that armor LITERALLY DOES NOTHING. If you see this comment, please consider testing: take some damage with and without your armor. If you notice your health drop is exactly the same, please let me know. Trying to see how widespread this bug is.
Also, some people talk about having lots of armor and taking very little damage. Must be fun lol.
By Anonymous
I have done some testing, armor DOES at least do something in some situations. My first test was with my own grenades to harm myself, those results were that armor does not affect self grenade damage, you always take the same amount and not very much (around 30 damage or something at least on hard mode).

The real test was against a hostile turret, at armor levels between 900 and 2100 on hard mode, the turret dealt 2 damage per hit. When I got less armor it increased, at my minimum armor level of 218 it was dealing around 40 damage per hit
By Anonymous
Did a more thorough test this time, on hard difficulty against a green difficulty pistol wielding enemy (their damage is consistent, but the health rounds to the nearest whole number so the damage numbers are rounded not 100% exacty):

2148 vs green pistol = 40 damage
2003 vs green pistol = 43 damage
1514 vs green pistol = 57 damage
707 vs green pistol = 80 damage
218 vs green pistol = 93 damage

About 36.4151 armor = 1 point damage reduction in this case, unsure if this is purely reducing damage numerically or by a % (for example this pistol deals close to 100 damage when at 0 armor, so at 2148 armor it's about a 60% reduction, or 60 points of damage reduced, unsure if a weapon that would deal 200 damage at 0 armor would be dealing ~140 (60 points of damage reduced) or ~80 (60% damage reduced)
By Anonymous
If the damage reduction is by percent then this percent must vary by level (either by player level or enemy level). I got the legendary 200 armor cyberware early on and this made me very tanky. At that level the 200 armor was much more than the combined armor from my clothing. But the tankiness fell off after a while and I was back to being squishy.

Later on I got really high armor by filling most of my clothing mod slots with extra armor mods. That made me so tanky it trivialized the rest of the game.
By Anonymous
The game follows the levelling system of the Witcher in which your level is the most important thing. For example, at level five, if you try fighting the twins, it'll be almost impossible to win but at level 10, if you don't change your stats, the fight will be a lot easier and if you do it at level 20, you'll knock them out very easily.
OK, so I have been looking around and I have found numerous threads, on multiple websites and forums, warning and discussing the fact that certain stats and bonuses related to these stats appear to be bugged or broken. The ones that come up most regularly are regarding crit chance, crit damage, and evasion. Apparently bonuses related to these stats do not stack, furthermore it is possible to "break" them altogether in certain situations. For instance you can apply 2 mods that each grant +15% crit chance to one item but instead of getting +30% crit chance you will only get +15%, if you then remove one of the mods there is a chance that it will "break" the bonus entirely and you will get no bonus at all even though you still have one of the mods installed. I have also seen it mentioned that you can not apply multiples of the same mod to multiple armor pieces and have the bonuses stack, for example, installing crit damage mods on several pieces of armor will not stack, it will instead give you only a single bonus from a single mod. And as for evasion in particular, I have seen it mentioned that nothing at all actually increases the evasion stat beyond the bonus that you naturally get from reflexes, this included the bonuses added by skills, meaning that the
(sorry, cat hit the keyboard before I could continue LOL) only way to increase evasion is by increasing the reflex stat itself, although this may or may not be in dispute. I would appreciate if anybody could chime in on this and give their own accounts and findings so we could prove and or disprove any of this actually being the case.
By Anonymous
So, rumors are going around that certain stats are currently bugged (as of now patch 1.04 at the time of my post) I have found a few posts regarding this, here is one relating to evasion and crit chance in which the author and several others outline that certain bonuses just flat out dont work, has anybody else observed this or tested for themselves?
By Anonymous
I wish points in Technical would increase the damage of the Projectile Launch System cyber arm. Or perks that affect grenades also affected the projectile. Just, something that helped scale its damage like all the others have :(