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By Anonymous
it should be noted that this weapon contains no extra mod slot. a typical rare weapon will have one mod slot, as does this one. -at legendary, it still only carries 4, which is standard for any and all legendary weaponry. (not counting silencer/scope slots, as those vary from type to type - but the base weapon here is a NUE, which would have both anyway so we know base model has 6 mod slots at legendary and this model also has 6 slots at legendary.
By Amount-Proper
this doesnt have high enough dps to be used after The Rescue. i never even did jackie's ofrienda
or even set foot in the el coyote cojo until level 46 and both guns had less than 75 dps. i thought about upgrading them to epic or legendary but i doubt they would be more than 200 dps.
By Anonymous
Actually mine are currently Epic and I'm only level 17 and mine currently have 270+ DPS. I've only upgraded them once and I don't currently have any mods on them.
By Anonymous
Bruh, I got mine as blues with 320 DPS without upgrading or mods. Learn to play the game.
By Anonymous
it actually seems to have MASSIVE headshot damage. at around 20 something with one of these non-upgraded from ~10 levels prior i managed to get stealth headshots to do as much as 13k damage.
By Anonymous
I'm looking at epic crafting doing 421.8 dps. But I got rid of both the guns and so now I can't craft it