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By Fexelea
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Hi everyone

As the site grows and more wikis are created, some of them get chatrooms and the moderating team is stretched thing to cover them all. In order to make understanding the rules easier, I am creating this thread to explain frequently asked chatroom questions.

The Chat Rules
  • No flaming, no cursing (this includes random profanity at the discretion of the moderators in chat), no insulting
  • No stupid or illegible names like MrBigCock.
  • No racial, cultural, lifestyle comments/slurs. Period. Remember that this is a mixed community with diverse people.
  • No pornography, no links to pornography, obsence or nude images including hentai and cartoons/animations. This applies to profile images as well.
  • No console wars.
  • Be friendly, be helpful, Be gentle .
  • Dont spam either text or links or anything, this includes links to other chatrooms and caps.
  • No obnoxious or illegible colors or fonts, no illegible nicknames no giant emoticons or gifs.
  • No discussion, or promotion of glitches, hacks, save edits. This chat is to ensure the integrity of the game remains.
  • The moderators and administrators are volunteers who use their free time to keep the chat civil. You can disagree with them but disrespecting them is not an option. Attempting to argue moderator/admin communications and decisions in public will lead to a ban
  • Discord saves logs of bans and kicks. Don't try to come complain with half-baked truths, because I can SEE what you did.
  • Last but not least: always listen to moderators! When a moderator tells you to stop doing something in the chat, or to do something such as change your username color, this is them utilizing their discretion to apply the rules and as such their say becomes the rules. Arguing with the moderators will be counter productive and get you nowhere. If you encounter a situation where you feel that a moderator has abused his/her power, you can contact discord user Fextralife please provide screenshots or chatlogs if possible and always contact the moderators yourself, second party requests will not be accepted.

    - Impersonating a mod will lead to a ban.

    "Grey Area"
    These are rules that are determined by the moderator who is on at the time - please listen to them when they ask you to change the subject or avoid something.
    • Lewd conversation, reactions, etc

      This is a frequent question because people are used to making somewhat lewd jokes in one way or another. For us, there's a line of decorum and tact that you should not cross. Making a passing joke with an innuendo is fine, as long as it ends there and does not derail the chat or create an uncomfortable situation for anyone in the chat. Making an openly lewd joke, posting sexual images, veering the conversation towards sexuality, etc, is not. This is a subjective matter, of course, so please listed to the moderators when they ask you not to do something.
    • Off topic conversation

      This is a recurrent issue in several chatrooms, so I wish to explain our stance on this clearly: The chatroom is an addition to the wiki offering. It is there to facilitate the sharing and finding of game information or coordination of game sessions. It is also there to provide company and social aspect as you play.

      You can discuss general off-topic on the "General" chatroom in the discord, as long as it doesn't become inflammatory or "too personal" (see below)

      Occasional and short off-topic conversation about your life, other interests and non game related issues or entertainment is fine in the game chats as well. When that conversation becomes the "focus" of the chat for long periods of time, it's not. Why? Because we want the chats to be for the wiki. The Off Topic and General Chatroom are specifically here for players who just want to hang out without being attached to any one specific game.
    • Personal conversation

      This is also a recurrent issue, and an understandable one. When you spend a lot of time in a chatroom, you develop relationships with others in it, and share more of your life than you would otherwise. That is perfectly fine, but the public chatroom is not the place for public displays of affection, severe personal trauma disclosure, announcements of intense unfortunate news (deaths, sickness, etc), or gossip. If you want to discuss these issues, please use the PM feature on the site or discord, or visit our Let it out thread and you will find people are willing to listen, support and encourage you.
    • Self promotion

      Sometimes users come by to announce their twitch streams, newest uploads, etc. This is generally frowned upon, as it's the equivalent of going to a party with your kit of items to sell and hassle party-goers with. Regardless, sometimes videos or streams will be appropriate or relevant to the conversation, or proposed by regulars of the chat. This area is in the hands of moderators, so please listen to their judgements.
    • Why isn't there a chatroom for (insert game here)?

      Creating and maintaining moderated chatrooms is challenging, and in many cases games don't need them as they are single player or offer significant in-game tools. We will create chatroom for the games that we think need it and strive to keep those moderated as well we can
    • Why can't I post a link?

      We have disabled a lot of link posting to prevent spambots from doing their thing. Please be understanding
    • Why can't I say (x) or (y)?

      The chat has a chat filter function that is not optimal, but unfortunately out of our control. In order to prevent common swear words and racist slurs, we had to include some words that block others. Please be understanding
    • I think (x) moderator has it out for me!

      Moderators are volunteers and players just like you. They are there to uphold the rules and keep the chatroom friendly. Please do not take their actions personally, they are only a PM away and are people, just like you, so talk to them as you would like others to talk to you.
    • I have suggestions for the chat

      Please message me on this forum or by contacting discord user Fextralife
    • I want to be a moderator

      Please message me on this forum or at discord user Fextralife
By Anonymous
I would like to be a moderator
By Anonymous
Hello everyone my name is the MrDravenCat playing ds1 anyone fighting the gaping dragon I be put my summon sign near the arena pls summon looking to be a true sun bro and help out others so pls summon or recommend a boss fight for me to lay down my summon sign
By Anonymous
Help. I got instant banned for posting a url youtube link to a monster hunter armor video. Why??
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By Vaedron
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Anonymous wrote:Help. I got instant banned for posting a url youtube link to a monster hunter armor video. Why??
Please join the Discord server https://discordapp.com/invite/fextralife" rel="nofollow and talk to Fex about the situation.
By Anonymous
i got banned cause i was spamming, the ban was appropriate, i was doing a social experiment i realise i spammed, i will not spam anymore can i pls get unbanned :) ive learnt from my mistakes and i wont spam again