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By Anonymous
We have 3 choices that don't come from the story and the best just wants women. Not mad, just disapppointed.
By Anonymous
Meredith has no preference for gender or life path. I got her with a female street kid
By Anonymous
Lifepaths don't seem to have an effect on romances. Judy does not mind if V has a corpo past.
By Anonymous
from what im understanding. you can only have relations with specific characters if you have a certain gender?
By Anonymous
It's seems only Judy and Kerry reject you when you try with the non preffered gender, going to check Panama, really close with female v
By Anonymous
Here to confirm you cannot, did everything right up to the punch card, there you can't lean on the window and have those interaction with panam cutting the romance short
By Anonymous
why can you romance kerry? isnt he like, 70?
By Anonymous
i feel like Requirements should also include V's sex (male or female body) because this affects romances available to V much more than V's gender (male or female voice)
because you can mix and match body voice and genitalia one may get confused as to how V get's classified
as far as i know mismatching body and voice will lock V out of the Judy or Kerry romances given their specific orientations : was disappoined but it was understandable and wish i knew beforehand
By Anonymous
Gender/Sex is same term, Either Male or Female.