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By Anonymous
Now i just need to wait for the Melee Build
By Anonymous
I want to see if they are going to make a one punch man build xD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Blades build please! I'm doing stealth/ katana and an early assassination mission make me feel like hotline miami
By Anonymous
Try getting the mantis blade, you hit like a trunk
By Anonymous
Tank build pls
By Anonymous
Tech Shotgun (DB-2 Satura) would probably be your build.

Put most of your points in Body and Technical Ability, get all the good shotgun/tech weapon perks the result should be massive health, massive armor, massive damage, and massive sustain with all the best Body/Tech implants. You can also craft more powerful gear to boot. Shotguns are also super satisfying because they knock enemies on their asses.

Something like: https://nukesdragons.com/cyberpunk-2077 ... 1eh2ei1ek1

Should be a run and gun shotgun supertank. Charge your shotgun, sprint at enemy, shrug off most of the damage, release a devastating blast to their upper chest/head. Get yourself the implants that boost health regeneration and the tech one that recovers % life when you kill an enemy for monster sustain.
By Baba_Tik
would love a stealthy melee toxin\poison runner (hacker) build ^^
By Anonymous
A mix of the gunslinger and netrunner builds
By Anonymous
For player asking if you can use Mantis blade with kill bill katana build, the answer from CAS is yes, i asked 13/12/2020 on twitch
By Anonymous
Builds info here is always. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses has helped me build odd hybrid classes like a Stealth Netrunner with Cool who loves to use a katana, mantis blades and pistols. I mix sitting back in the shadows hacking to sneaking in for 1-by-1 takedowns to then leaping or sprinting into enemy cover to slice-n-dice. The big downside for me was not dumping more into Tech for crafting... crafting in this game is actually really fun.
By Anonymous
I actually wanted to build like this. Go netrunner into tech into stealth. But never figured out how to branch out.
By Anonymous
Assult riffle build please (maybe mixed with quickhacks)
By Anonymous
Hybrid build is not a good idea you have 3 choices Nomad - Tech Engineer/Cold Blooded Gunslinger, Street kid - melee fighter, Corpo - Contract Killer (Stealth)/Neural Netrunner (Stealth)