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Now i just need to wait for the Melee Build
I want to see if they are going to make a one punch man build xD
Blades build please! I'm doing stealth/ katana and an early assassination mission make me feel like hotline miami
Try getting the mantis blade, you hit like a trunk
Tank build pls
Tech Shotgun (DB-2 Satura) would probably be your build.

Put most of your points in Body and Technical Ability, get all the good shotgun/tech weapon perks the result should be massive health, massive armor, massive damage, and massive sustain with all the best Body/Tech implants. You can also craft more powerful gear to boot. Shotguns are also super satisfying because they knock enemies on their asses.

Something like: https://nukesdragons.com/cyberpunk-2077/character?v=1&a=k33kk&s=k3k33333kkbk&p=a01a11a21a41a81a91aa1ab3ac1ag3ai2aj1ak1al2n01n11n43n53n73n82n91na1nb2nc2nd1ne2ng1ni1sk1c01c11c22c51c61c82c93ca2cd1ce2cf2ch1ci1r12r21r41r51r61r91ra2e11e53e62e83eb2ed1eh2ei1ek1

Should be a run and gun shotgun supertank. Charge your shotgun, sprint at enemy, shrug off most of the damage, release a devastating blast to their upper chest/head. Get yourself the implants that boost health regeneration and the tech one that recovers % life when you kill an enemy for monster sustain.


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would love a stealthy melee toxin\poison runner (hacker) build ^^
A mix of the gunslinger and netrunner builds
For player asking if you can use Mantis blade with kill bill katana build, the answer from CAS is yes, i asked 13/12/2020 on twitch
Builds info here is always. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses has helped me build odd hybrid classes like a Stealth Netrunner with Cool who loves to use a katana, mantis blades and pistols. I mix sitting back in the shadows hacking to sneaking in for 1-by-1 takedowns to then leaping or sprinting into enemy cover to slice-n-dice. The big downside for me was not dumping more into Tech for crafting... crafting in this game is actually really fun.
I actually wanted to build like this. Go netrunner into tech into stealth. But never figured out how to branch out.
Assult riffle build please (maybe mixed with quickhacks)