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As an experiment you can kill Lord Kemm when you first see him trying to execute a 'traitor'......gets I think it was 187k worth of exp in DE? But that would disrupt alot of questing later... But meh. good times.
Im tempted to do this he deserves it haha
The best place to kill him is in Arhu's chambers in the cathedral; its not a difficult fight if you can somehow take him out first. He has a lot of allies but they're quite weak so as long as you keep him stunlocked or you kill him first they're quite easy to take out if you cram them into the balcony door and use aoe spells.
Killed him in the magister barracks just blocked off the doors with paintings and death fog barrels.

Butcher their leader in the middle of their base leave and come back later... "i dont want to be seen talking with you"