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I've tried to beat DS three times prior and ended up quitting. Now I finally"get it." I love this game so much. I bought 2 and 3 since they were on sale.

Getting fairly close to the end and wondering what the thoughts are on going ng+ vs jumping into 2.

Also, wondering what a fun build would be for 2. Been basically pure pyro from the beginning on this run and can't decide if I want to do that again or try something completely different.


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Wow your path to enjoying Dark Souls mirrors mine very closely. I too faced this question after my first clear and here is what I went with:
I started a fresh game and optimized my build after lessons I learned from my first play-through, though if you are loving your current build I would say go NG. (Then I took my new build into NG.) I too pre-bought the other games on a deal so I had the same question of whether I moved on or not. I do not regret sticking around in Ds1, and ended up doing a third character completely different build and went through NG with them too before moving on to Ds2.
I started on a melee Giant sword build, and then did a Magic build. If you have been pure Pyro I might suggest a Melee build for a different kind of challenge.