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By Anonymous
Never had to redo any location as much as this. Finally, very patiently got my way through and as I'm looking for the path to open the shortcut, my guy just falls over dead. WTF? A shaman cast a spell on me but i used a red lotus, so what happened? My health was full!
By Anonymous
Bright filter + sodden ring and this area is trivial compared to the original. Even the giant depraved ones are a joke this time because of the inclusion of omni directional rolling without improving the enemy AI to go with it. One of the easiest areas in the game now while the ritual path is the most difficult.
By Anonymous
Author may want to make it clearer that the slug nest hanging from the ceiling can be brought down by shooting its thinnest part above the slugs; the slugs fall into the swamp and become active, surrounding a treasure that dropped with them.