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By Anonymous
I dont see how this is the best plague res set
By Anonymous
I like the old design better on this one
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By SlaveKnightKos
By Anonymous
the new one looks goofy in a bad way
By Anonymous
Well, i think it's great they revamped it in order to distinguish it from Karla's set from now on. They used to be the same. This set is in more par with the fire affinity related to Yuria.
By Anonymous
It looks like **** in the remake lmao
By Anonymous
I despise bluepoint for what they did to this game... here's hoping they never get their grubby hands on another classic ever again
By Anonymous
Don’t put the blame on Bluepoint, it’s Sony that decided not to include Fromsoft on the project to remake their own game. Bluepoint is really good at making game’s visuals incredible, but they’re not the best with mechanics and this is a game they know little to nothing about, but they did know how hostile the community can be, so it was pretty bold to add stuff like the Penetrator armour. Basically, blame Sony for being greedy.
By Anonymous
Genderlocked Armor is shít
By Anonymous
BluePoint really dropped the ball on this one. It's not even remotely close to the original design. I remember seeing the trailer and being very excited to see how this set turned out, as it was one of my favorite from the original game. Suffice to say, I was so disappointed with the design choice I remember just sitting there for about a minute and then sadly turned my PS5 off. Missed opportunity to remake one of the most badass armor sets in Demon's Souls. What a waste.
By Anonymous
I wish they had removed the gender restrictions on armor in the remake. Then I could have worn the hat with the sage armor and looked like an old grumpy wizard.
By Anonymous
You can wear it if you rebirth as a woman and then rebirth again as a man while wearing the hat.
By Anonymous
Nah bruh wtf