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By Anonymous
dropped 30 coins twice and nothing
By Anonymous
you've got to drop the coins then go back to nexus, then return to the crow and the item will be there
By Anonymous
Actually you don't need to go back to the Nexus. You can save and exit the game after dropping them, then reload. Much faster.
By Anonymous
Dude it says 26 ofc you got nothing from him by trading 30…
By Anonymous
It's at least 26 that you need to trade, not 26 exactly. The first person who managed to get this traded 30.
By Anonymous
What I want to know is if this key carries over to the next new game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It doesn't.
By Anonymous
I’ve tested it and yes it carries over to the next new game +
By Anonymous
LF someone to trade me the 26 Ceramic coins. Have 1 spare Gold coin in my inventory to compensate for all the trouble. TY in advance.
PSN ID = Sunirgerep
By Anonymous
I got the 26 coins and am ready to help others out.

As my original post got downvoted to oblivion, I've decided to do the grind myself and have the coins distributed by the community.

Add me: Sunirgerep
By Anonymous
That's awesome. Let me know if you're still available for this.