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By Anonymous
Going to add this aswell don’t try to get the rune sword/shield from where this guide says. Go back around to the top of the first set of stairs and look from the edge there. You can see the items from there…the drop is still hard af though it’s the real boss of this level… some tips to try if having trouble making the drop…get naked and attempt to walk should make your hitbox smaller allowing you to land on the edge below…or pull out a bow and walk while aiming seems to be easier to “aim” your walk and fall. Good luck this part sucks!!!
By Anonymous
I went by the video guide on the original version with no issue, not got a PS5 so have not tried the remake.
By Anonymous
For anyone following the walkthrough…at the end when the 2nd chain breaks and the heart falls, DO NOT take the elevator back down and make that long trip back to the heart. *From the 2nd chain drop area, after the cutscene continue along the path until you come to the end where it’s broken, drop or roll down if your into that and continue to the circle platform. To your right is the Archstone where you began this journey and to the left takes you exactly where you need to be…the heart.

I’ll try to edit the walkthrough but if not I hope you see the comment section before trying to back track all the way to the heart…good god I know these walkthroughs are all voluntary submissions and I’m not trying to be rude but this one is a tad all over the place…it’ll get the job done mostly but will guarantee triple the time it should take to finish this area…that backtrack would take ages.
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By cheebnrun
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Who ever wrote this, all of these, is often mixing up their left and their right. It's like they played it in fracture mode and are writing the guide, trying to remember to write the opposite direction. the first soul pickup is on the left side. This has happened in previous levels' walkthroughs as well.
By Anonymous
can some one help how to get this word back to just white, plz?
i tried to help people so i used blue eyed stone, but instead i was summon like boss.
and now even after i stoped use the stone im still making my world darker even i offline Q_Q
By Anonymous
I have PWWT and when I got to get the key in Upper Latria, the wooden bridge isn't there.