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By Anonymous
Can confirm that the spear drops from a human spearmen in the beginning of the game, up on the wall where the trebuchets are.
By Anonymous
Pretty good (at least for PvE), the range is great, R1 works without lowering your guard and it has better crowd control than one might expect. Surprising considering I never got much use out of stabby weapons in any Dark Souls game.
By Anonymous
Anyone know which upgrade path is most worth investing in?
By Anonymous
i would say the moon, since it also does magic damage.
By Anonymous
sharp if you're going cracked ToB meta strats with curse weapon or if you just want to make use of weapon buffs in general
By Anonymous
Is Estoc an option worth considering instead of Winged Spear for Gloom Knight like build in pve? I am very fond of decent armour, heavy shield and spear build since it is very error forgiving. And for me being new to Demon's Souls and never playing any Souls game it allow me to actually finish level with out getting smashed. I have both Winged Spear and Estoc and both can attack while blocking. Estoc attacks faster and uses less stamina but Winged Spear has longer reach and slightly more damage.

I tried Estoc +7 and Winged Spear +8 with full Brushwood set and Purple Flame Shield +6 and while Estoc seems decent I get the impression that longer range on the spear makes it easier for me to fight most enemies since I have easier time maneuvering around them to avoid getting hit while still hitting them. Drawback is slightly slower attack so some enemies I can interrupt with Estoc while I can not so easily with the Winged Spear.
By Anonymous
any thrust weapons with magic damage will be very forgiving and do decent damage on almost every enemy in the game in ng. You cant go wrong with either just pick the one that feels better to you.
By Anonymous
Is the Winged Spear better or worse than the Short Spear? I see a lot of debate, but it looks like the damage and reach are both better on the winged spear. Am I missing something or is this just a case of preference?
By Prezzemolo93
You should definitely go for the Winged spear. Simply because the base physical attack is higher. Otherwise you may also keep both if you want to upgrade them differently
By Anonymous
really good weapon. you can get it at the very start of 1-2 and use it for the rest of the game - its actually the best spear too