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By Anonymous
Looking for Dark Silver Shield +5 (Remake)…anyone willing to trade?
By Anonymous
You still looking for a trade
By Anonymous
With some light testing, this shield does NOT reduce the damage of Moonlight GS. Whether or not Moonlight buffs miracle damage and if this shield affects that I am not sure.
By Anonymous
One of the prettiest shields in the Souls series.
By Anonymous
Will Blind and moonlight sword cut through this and do damage?
By Anonymous
Do you have to be in human form to kill the boss to get it for ps5 remake?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Does it affect Holy Arrows?
By Anonymous
Correct me if I'ma wrong, but if I have Catalyst in left hand, Shield doesnt affect my spellcasting since it's swapped off? At least Magic Defence Buff icon disapears when it's on swap-hand.
By Akyndo
That's correct if you have it equipped but do not have it pulled out it doesn't affect your spell casting. I use mine when fighting a spell caster so I can block his spells while I run up and stab it. Then I put it away and go back to using magic.
By Anonymous
Does it affect Sword of Moonlight?
By Anonymous
very much so