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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
HOLY @#$%*&@ @#$% I"M THE FIST COMMENT OH MY @#$%$#$% @#$%#@#$%
By Anonymous
first like gets to be fisted, now bend down
By Anonymous
I like how u are joking but people are dumb
By Anonymous
Kill yourself immediately.
By Anonymous
Tower Knight armor set when?
By Anonymous
Not happening
By Anonymous
When the remaster of the remake is out on the ps6
By Anonymous
Play ds2, get drakekeeper set.
By Anonymous
Heh, nice
By Anonymous
thank god this made it into the remake.
By Anonymous
has anyone found out if you can trade the armor
By Anonymous
It's not droppable. Saw Distortion2 try on stream after he got it.
By Anonymous
You cannot drop the armour set :/
By Chest-of-Death
Finally, a definitive answer that I thought I was never going to find.

Though I guess it would make sense.
By Anonymous
My word this is hell to get
By Anonymous
> "Penetrator Set is an Armor Set in Demon's Souls and Demon's Souls Remake."
> "This set can only be found in the Demon's Souls Remake of 2020."
By Anonymous
That’s because it existed in the original, but was unobtainable. Bluepoint added the method to get it in the remake, but it still was in the original.
By Anedime
I think he's commenting on the fact the two notes combined imply there's another remake, rather than just wondering why it says remake.
By Anonymous
is this for female or male??
By Anonymous
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