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By Anonymous
can someone drop me the coins please? psn Clan062805
By Anonymous
The Coins Break when you drop them. You'll have to get them yourself
By Anonymous
This thread is full of people getting help by others dropping the coins for them, you are able to give the coins to others by using sparkly the crow
By Anonymous
Hey guys, if anyone's wondering Sunirgerep is still helping people out. He's very chill so just buddy him up. Cheers!
By Anonymous
try finger, but hole
By Anonymous
if anyone is willing and don't mind duping some coins. not sure if many people are still doing it but my psn is Sir_Lemons11 and would much appreciate it

By Anonymous
If anyone wants to get the rusty key with me my psn is Heretickun, I know how to duplicate the coins and I do have a coin but it might take a minute.
By Anonymous
not sure if your still doing although i did send a friend request Sir_Lemons11, but if you are i would much appreciate the help.
By Anonymous
@Sunigerep are you still helping?
I added you, I Hope that you will be able to help me too, my psn starts with KOB
Thank you
By Anonymous
If you’re still looking for help I think I can help you it might take a minute but I do have a coin and the knowledge to duplicate them
By Anonymous
Same poster as above, my psn is Heretickun, if you’re interested add and message me. I’ll probably only help one or two people.
By Anonymous
if anyones helping get these to people who need them or has any idea on how to best farm these out quickly please let me know, i have two messed up save slots i could dedicate to grabbing coins with. would love to have this set for my full 100% run with probably just 1/2 ng+ for the random boss weapons/spells.

psn Ikhanaclast
By Anonymous
I accidentally ****ed up my world tendency, would anyone be willing to invade me a few times in shrine of storms? I killed all the bosses and dont wanna do an extra playthrough for ceramic coines. PSN is kiddcamel.
By Anonymous
Is anyone willing to drop or help with this here. I don't think Mr. Sunir is still doing this. Psn is MedicMaria
By Anonymous
@Sunirgerep are u still helping with this?
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