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By Anonymous
can only get these in fractured mode in pure black/white world tendency, there's a list out there somewhere
By Anonymous
Yeah only fractured mode these coins will appear.
By Anonymous
Oops sorry I thought you were asking a question. You already know :)
By Anonymous
How to get these coins if first play through with pbwt and still beat the end boss?
By Anonymous
How to get these coins on first play through for pbwt and still finish end game boss?
By Anonymous
Now we wait till they all get listed with locations...
By Anonymous
Not sure why I assumed all the locations would be here already lol. Happy hunting, boys.
By Anonymous
It seems the coins refer to the date 11/26 which is the release date for the DeS soundtrack. There are 11 coins per NG cycle, and you need 26 coins total to get the key.
By Anonymous
13 coins
By Anonymous
I can’t figure out how to update this page. There’s a coin in 1-3 PBWT. Jump over the railing just before the penetrator sword. It’s under a barrel.
By Anonymous
Do you have a clip? That could be the 12th coin.
By Maxys
Here's a link to the 12th Coin pointed by the comment below, I made a clip for it.
By Maxys
I also edited the page by the way :)
By Anonymous
I posted a clip of the location on my YouTube channel Parath Fang.
By Anonymous
Thank you sir or madame for doing that. And thanks for your other comment about the 13th coin. I’m guessing we’re stuck at 13. I’ve spent many hours searching for more and have given up.
By Anonymous
Dude this has to be the hardest set to obtain in any souls game im under the impression it will take 3 playthrus to get enoph coins to unlock this thats 3 playthrus of that mirror crap

Or am i wrong please somone tell me im wrong lol
By Maxys
2 Playthrough to get it, 13 Coins has been discovered, the list above is incomplete. The list above is incomplete, you can find the 12th Coin here:
And the 13th here:
By Maxys
Oh and also you don't need to stay in Fracture mode to progress, you just need to BE IN Fracture Mode when you're going to pick up the Coins. But you can be in normal mode to switch tendencies
By Anonymous
I liked the numbers of the levels much more than the names. I recommend changing it back or adding them.
By Anonymous
Who the hell removes the level numbers from the world names?

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