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Does anyone wanna be a badass and drop 15 for me?
HMU a friend request my psn is i_grow_cannabis
They break if you drop them. Can't.
You do NOT need ‘PURE’ tendency! Simply reaching BLACK/WHITE is enough to get them to spawn.

I have tested this, reaching ONLY black/white in Fractured Mode without hitting Pure.

On a side note, hitting these tendency and then tipping the scale will not keep the coins in the world
What do you mean "hitting these tendency and then tipping the scale will not keep the coins in the world?" Does this mean if I already turned the location pure white/black, and then flipped it back to neutral I won't get the coin if I turn it white/black again?
Does anyone know if you can get the same coin more than once in the same spot. For example, I get the coin in 1-2 then do it again can I get another coin. Thanks
Only once per play through
This is a long shot but does anyone have 10 coins they can spair? I have 16 rn PSN: Pawstitute-
You can't trade coins, they break when dropped.
Any1 lookong for help to trade coins and wishing to help back add me (PSN: teoreds)
I have destroyed ever piece of breakable debri on 2-2 in the lava pit in fractured world pure white world tendancy and I didn't find a ceramic coin. What am I doing wrong?
same for me, didn't find anything in 2-2
I tried again and found it.
You have to destroy it yourself I think. I also had this issue and went back to grab it the second time and found it. Before I killed a bearbug and it exploded on the same island where the coin was and I didn’t find it till resetting.


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For some reason, debris that can be destroyed by walking (simply touching its hitbox) has issues. I think coins only spawn when you destroy debris with an action (like rolling o using a weapon), but rolling into this kind of debris makes you destroy it by touching/walking, preventing it for spawn (sorry for my bad English).
ceramic coin in 4-1 is still in PWWT, just found it. the update is wrong
Ok so why do they break? Prevent twinking or something?
Ma non erano 26 le monete?
sono 26 quelle che ti servono per ottenere la chiave, MA ne ottieni solo 13 ogni NG. In pratica, puoi ottenere l'armatura solo in NG+.
can someone trade me the penetrator armor set please its much appreciated psn Ashgrave.
Hi can someone ease give me this extremely difficult to get item for free because I don't want to do any work whatsoever.
It's not tradable