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If you follow this guide don't roll to get the regerator ring. You will either have to fight the boss or teleport out.
I should have scrolled down to read the comments first. Found myself in that exact situation!
^^^ this one speaks truth, if you follow the guide you're on a fast track to fighting the adjudicator.
Guys, I broke my game. I managed to hit pure black before I beat adjudicator and can't get past the phantom. Even worse I'm running a magic build so I can't backstab. Am I ever going to get past this guy?
Well you could pick up the sword on the hill to your left once you come to the world. I’d run past and get that it scales with your magic use that for your back stabs
How do you get the item below the narrow cliffside path (on the rock beside a dead tree)? The fall looks manageable but it always results in death for me.