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By Anonymous
Please someone help me with this and pure bladestone
My psn is SunBroJohnny
By Anonymous
Increases luck by how much?
By Anonymous
I believe normally by 8 but i dont remember im sure its in a video somewhere
By Anonymous
Did anyone try farming the coin using the coin? Maybe a silly question but wanna know if anyone tried and if it's worth it.
By Anonymous
can someone drop a coin for me?

PSN fatsmoka435
By Anonymous
Could someone drop me a Gold Coin?

PSN Levi_Animo
By Anonymous
Could someone drop the gold coin for a fellow hunter?
By Anonymous
If someone could drop the gold coin and pure hardstone for free, please :). Psn: Kanekov45
By Anonymous
I mean pure bladestone
By Anonymous
I got you
By Anonymous
I hear there's an update that can affect the Golden coin glitch. Is the glitch still there?
By Anonymous
depends, did you actually update your game to v1.004 or higher? if you did then the glitch is patched out. if you have a disc copy you can delete the patch and get it back in v1.0 or just join those complaining about the stockpile thomas glitch being removed...I LOVED that glitch...it let me kill Patches without my completionist side having to worry about not being able to buy his exclusive better arrows and junk...
By Anonymous
Is anyone willing to drop to a fellow tarnished a gold coin?
By Anonymous
Hi guys, I did this in one take. Forge the sword of searching and put on the providential ring. Go full black world and I had atleast 20 luck. I got the gold coin and a pure bladestone on my first try on each. The mats to forge the sword is easy to grind up. I got them while playing the game.
By Anonymous
Doing all that doesn't guarantee a drop. I had the exact same setup and it took me so many runs that I ran out of storage for the grass the officials drop hours before I gave up farming and just asked someone to drop a coin for me.

In short, anecdotal evidence is not worth much.
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