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By Kakamoto74
I need one gold coin, can anyone help me? I beg you!! My PSNID is Kakamoto_74
By Anonymous
Good time everyone! I need little help with duplicate Gold Coin and Dragonstoune Chunks for my character build Fat Official. I'm tired farming this items, SL 125, PSN ID JackV0Xua
By Anonymous
Can someone drop for mi?
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i got it from second fat official in 2-1
By Anonymous
Imma be real, I got it first try from the second one aswell after jerking off the one in 2-2 for like 30mins
By Anonymous
I have 2 spare if anyone needs them, psn: xLeoNiDaS7
By Anonymous
You still open to this by chance??
By Anonymous
Do give up on luck. It is truly the impossible find.

Demonsoulsfan45 -
By Anonymous
Hey Soulsfans! We've heard you liked farming for days to get the ultra rare Pure Bladestone in the original Demon's Souls, so we've added another ridiculously rare item to grind and make it the only way to get one of the rings in the game. Hope you like it!

- Bluepoint probably
By Anonymous
Don't give up! I got one with only 7 luck and the Providential Ring. You can do it.
By Anonymous
Thank you for the inspiration, it took almost 200 runs to the fat official closest to 2-2 but I did it!
By Anonymous
I got 2 in a row in 2-2 after just four kills because I had PBWT and didn't use providential ring or sword of searching, which actually damage your chance of getting rare drop. They increase only common drop chance at the expense of rare ones.
By Anonymous
I’ve been farming for a while, and still nothing if anyone has some to spare my PSN is undauntedPhoenix
By Anonymous
Hi! I'm currently looking for gold coins! I spent so much time farming and never got any :,D. I'm trading ceramic coins for a coin! My psn is CavesLemon
By Anonymous
you can't trade ceramic coins. they'll end up broken after trade
By Anonymous
14 Jun 2023 — You can drop them at Sparkly's in 4-1 and they won't break.
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