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By Anonymous
This has got to be the worst drop in DS history
By Anonymous
Not really, Pure Bladestones still holds the title for worst drop rates.
By Anonymous
Not to mention you can use it to break the game, use the coin, talk to the demon *****, get infinite luck, use blueblood for luck scaled weapon. Profit.
By Anonymous
took me 3 days on ps3 to farm pure blade stone. Got one on accident on like 1-2 kills on the remake. Just got the coin on normal-ish tendancy. maybe 30+ kills?
By Anonymous
Collect 79 of these to open the Illusory door in 1-3
By Anonymous
It's been tested. It doesn't work.
By Anonymous
You're thinking of a different item - the ceramic coin. And it's 26 of them that you need
By Anonymous
79...... go play shadow of the colossus. This is demon souls and you have no clue what you’re talking about.
By Anonymous
This thing breaks the game
Get yourself a Bluebood sword (get broken sword from Valley of Defilement, kill Flame****er, give Ed the searing demon soul, upgrade broken sword to Blueblood sword)
Go farm fatbois until you get a gold coin to drop
Go back to Nexus, use the coin, then talk to waifu
Your luck goes skyrocketing into the tens of thousands until the effect wears off
Blueblood scales with luck, so its AR goes up into the thousands
And now since your item discovery is so high, all rare drops are guaranteed, so you can go kill more fatbois for more gold coins and repeat the glitch
There does not seem to be an upper limit on how high the stat or your damage can go so you can do this basically infinitely, probably until you hit an integer limit
By Anonymous
So once the gold coin effect goes away you are back to your normal luck lvl?
By Anonymous
Thank you. Gonna definitely try this out
By Anonymous
That's not true, the higher your luck the lower the drop rate is for pure blade stone.
By Anonymous
Does anyone know the drop rate on this? I've killed over 300. Probably more like 500 to be honest, and not had one drop. Also, is it consumed on use? I'd hate to farm more than one...
By Anonymous
Yes, if you use it it will be consumed so be careful. I'd trade it with Sparkly for the ring she gives you if you're trying to get the trophy
By Anonymous
I'm iin NG (world tendency -1) and I've killed 72 so far with no drops. On my other character, when farming Spiderstone in PBWT in NG+, I would also hit this guy and I was able to get four gold coins over the course of two hours. World Tendency matters. I now wish I would have added this guy to my farming loop when I had the Stonefang in PBWT.
By Anonymous
Of course, on 74 it dropped. Hurrah, off to Sparkly for the trophy.
By Anonymous
I think it's a 1% drop rate
By Anonymous
I got it in about 75 tries from 2-2 with WT -1, 7 luck, and the Providential Ring
By Anonymous
Does the Gold Coin only has one use overall or is it an item than stays in your bag with a cooldown?
By Anonymous
By McGruff_the_Muff
I’m on 150+ runs at PBWT and no drop yet. If anyone can spare a gold coin I would be very grateful. PSN is McGruff_the_Muff
By Anonymous
I can give u one if u can soul suck me. Unfortunately, in about 8 hours. Im at work
By Anonymous
Incredible to read the comments. I am halfway through my very first run and i just got one. I've killed maybe 10 officials, max.
By Anonymous
give me ur PSN ill give you everything you want including the golden coin (:
By Anedime
That's the function of RNG. Regardless of how rare something is, throw enough people at it and someone will get it quickly. It doesn't invalidate the rarity or the fact they experienced proper drop rate, it just makes you look like you're trying to pull off the weakest flex of the year.
By Anonymous
Does anybody have an extra gold coin
By Anonymous
Yes send me request CTCknives
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