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ok can someone please help me. Im still running threw my first play threw and I think I **** up my levels.... So I made a pyromancer but not for the reason people assume. So I want to use a bad *** weapon but I dont know what they are yet. I dont want fire to be my main attack I want to use my sword mostly and fire when I can...or lighting or whatever. So my account right now I'm a pyro using astoras great sword level 8 with sharp gem. Pyro glove level 8 and my stats are...
Vigor 17
Attunment 17
Stamina 17
Strength 16
Dex 20
Intelligence 20
Faith 16
Luck 7
I feel like im missing the point of a pyro and should have started as a the dude with the lightning off hand... I was going for a dex build with pyro flame as a back up and got stuck on astoras great sword before I found out what dex weapon really ment. Can someone pleas help me.
By the way I'm in the lithreil dungeon at the moment.


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Hi Casper, I believe you posted in the wrong game section.

About the weapon, I would recommend using Dragonslayer axe raw +10 and imbue with the element of your preference. Hit like a truck :)