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By Anonymous
imo this is my least favourite outfit
By Anonymous
mfs why are u downvoting him? he's right
By Anonymous
disappointed that the desc didn't add some new lore to isshin like how the one u get for beating the game says stuff about the sculptor also in general it looks the least good but closest we get to a dumb meme outfit
By Anonymous
Bold of you to assume memes are dumb
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Man, I wish we got a version of Isshin's tengu costume instead. Sekiro kinda looks like a discount assassin.
By Anonymous
If hesitation is defeat, then I'm a failure, cuz i'm really hesitant to wear this
By Anonymous
i don't like playing fighting games with half of my character's vitals exposed, so this was sadly a pass for me. lol. Would have preferred Isshin's Tengu outfit.

The Ashina outfit is neat though, the Sculptor knew how to look menacing yet discreet, and im eager to try the Shura outfit.

My only real "complaint" is that you cant carry these over to a normal new game. Its not necessarily the difficulty that keeps me away from NG+. I enjoy "leveling up" and upgrading my character, playing NG+ in these games with a naturally decked out character almost always becomes boring fast for me. Its been a year now and its the same, so sadly that change likely won't happen unless FS goes back to Sekiro after Elden Ring.

I'm not really complaining though, more expressing minor disappointment. It was a free update and we got 3 new boss variations and 3 new outfits, in a game which was utterly lacking in customization ability, I can't complain. Besides I can go a few NG+ cycles with Sekiro for the most part, even if I occasionaly get bored during them.

Hopefully Elden Ring has taken some combat elements from Sekiro, I love the posture/vitality battle of Sekiro; far superior to the combat of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
i just hope that in elden ring they keep deathblows, all the special kill animations when you beat the bosses are so badass
By Anonymous
Kek "i don't like playing fighting games with half of my character's vitals exposed" just roleplay as someone that doesn't get hit.
By Anonymous
i think he looks cute
By Anonymous
i actually didnt like this outfit at first,but somehow i used this to fight sword saint isshin and bursted out laughing because it was too funny.his whole torso is exposed its more like a cosplayer than wolf himself
By Anonymous
The most erotic outfit by far.