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By Anonymous
Fighters seem to get "Two-Weapon Fighting" by default. When I look at the battle log before and after choosing it there's literally no difference to the damage of OH attacks. It adds in the (+) from dex/str regardless.
By Anonymous
It’s the same with all classes. Two-weapon fighting style is currently pointless even in patch 4 EA. If you plan on Duel wielding it's best to pick archery on a Dex build and defense on a Str build. This may change before EA ends, but until it does it's a pointless passive.
By NomadicCowboy
Archery is the the biggest impact fighting style, mathematically. Increasing accuracy will in the end result in more overall damage: less rounds wasted on a "miss". However, it is more reliant on team play, positional tactics, and limited (magical) weapon options.

Defense is the most straight up consistent. AC is always good, though it will see diminished returns after reaching the low 20s range. An opponent's 20 roll will always hit, so math is done against their 19 rolls. Having a base proficiency of their weapons as a +2 at low levels, a 19 roll with no ability modifiers would hit an AC 21. The most AC you can get currently (EA) is enchanted or gith half plate (15+2dex cap= 17), plus 2 from a shield, plus this style, to get AC 20. The Cleric spell Shield of Faith will add an additional 2, for a current cap of 22.

Dueling sounds cool, but ends up doing the least, at best it pumps your weapon damage by 1 die size.

GWF is cool too, but commits you to being that style of combat.

Protection requires a lot of coordination with other members and seldom is "turned on". Also there are problems with the reaction system in EA and how to toggle and choose.

Two Weapon is probably the next best after archery or defense, depending on style choice. Another roll to attack is another chance to crit, and adding ability damage is a huge boost to baseline damage. You're just slightly more vulnerable in that style, but not a bad choice.

By Anonymous
Well for a melee Ranger for example dueling may make sense...doesn't it?

You pump the damage of an 1h weapon kinda to that of a two-handed. (3-10 vs. 1-12) sure your big hits don't hit that big but statiscally your EV is 6,5 both ways.
With the duelist style you can still hold a shield (so it is said..), so you gain an addittional +2 AC

With a 2handed weapon your only choice is Defense for a +1AC

So you end up with either 1d8+2 and +2 AC oder a 1d12 an +1 AC

Feats, Flavor, ... not included obviously. [Greatsword is slightly better with an EV of 7]
By Anonymous
Need Thrown Weapon Fighting Style!
By Anonymous
Thrown Weapon Fighting is missing...
By Anonymous
Pls add Thrown Weapon Fighting & Druidic Warrior!