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By Anonymous
U can trade with him to get a ritual dagger (rare weapon that has loviatar's blessing and gives a d4 bonus die for 1 round on a successful hit)
By Anonymous
Please keep this in mind I don't know if u can get this before killing goblin leaders. I only thought of selling to him cause i remembered how divinity 2 worked :D
By Anonymous
How do you trade with him? He doesn't give me the trader interface when I interact with him. Sorry if this is a noob question :p
By Anonymous
Personally after I successfully had a 'repentance' session with him, I was able to pick up the ritual dagger on the nearby table, even though it was in red like I was stealing.
By Anonymous
What race is he?
By Anonymous
His ears tell me human
By Anonymous
Half nord khajiit obviously
By Anonymous
how is there not some kinky fling we can have with him?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fr need to romance that freak into the ground
By Anonymous
Is it even possible to complete the constitution check? I spent the last 2 hours re-rolling to meet at least 10/20 about 3 or 4 times but every time I failed. It seems nigh impossible to get this option even with my reasonably high constitution. They need to fix the dice rolls in this game.
By Anonymous
Constitution checks dont work, you have to show your pain not resist it
By Anonymous
is there a way to get his armor?
By Anonymous
There's a unique effect for completing his dialogue for being hit 3 times, where you gain "Loviatar's Love" which is a permanent. It's something like "When below 30% health, you get a +2 to attacks and saving throws."

I got it on my MC as of Patch 5.
By Anonymous
In release you only get this if you take the options to cry out like he asks. If you act stoic he scolds you in a friendly manner at the end for being too much of a tough guy and you don't get the blessing (to be fair the game does basically tell you to do this, but I thought there might be some alternate bonus if you tough it out).
By Anonymous
Can he be found again anywhere after you take out the goblin camp?
By PainedExpression
As of Patch 8, no. If you start killing the goblin leaders while in the camp, he'll walk for the exit. You can talk to him as he's leaving for more dialog, but at present that's the only further interaction you can have with him.
By Anonymous
Wonder if that's just me i took out the camp and i'm about to switch to act 2 (just checking back for some things) and Abdirak stands on the sim before a burrowhole (you can pass through with gaseous form) where the Zhentarim trader has been before and tells me: "i'm just way too big"
so I'm trying to reduce his size (which is clearly not enough to pass through the burrowhole) and polymorph him (cancels reduce and a sheep is too big for the whole too). Any ideas or hints how can i get him small enough to pass through? Thanks in advance.
By Anonymous
Bruh, if you bring Astarion and Shadowheart they have an interesting dialogue. And Intimidation check were 10,10, and 5 to get the blessing