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By Anonymous
Best boss fight ever.
By Anonymous
I love how this is just a copy of owl father and not talking about any of his new tricks
By Anonymous
god I hate this boss. it's no where near inner genichiro. the damage is just too damn high
By Anonymous
basically owl father but he can teleport from time to time. honestly if u beat owl father, you probably can beat this guy in 1-3 tries
By Anonymous
Did you mean 13?
By Anonymous
lol, i beat him with only 2 tries
By Anonymous
It's a copy paste of owl father. Can someone please confirm if inner owl father is different/difficult than owl father?
By Antanca
Much much more difficult.
By Antanca
Lol, no. I've beaten Owl Father and I am up to like 5 or 6 hours trying to beat Inner Father with no luck.
By Anonymous
Took me almost a day but I beat the gauntlet and these are the big differences I observed:
1. Whirlwind slash attack - does massive posture damage if not deflected
2. Mist raven - He will occasionally mist raven, teleport beside you and follow up with 2 quick slashes. If you are mashing R1 it is VERY easy to whiff and get punished by this
3. He seems to do the jumping overhead chop far less
4. Phase 2 he has a mist raven combo that appears to be 3 or 4 random attacks followed up with a sweep or ichimonji.
By Anonymous
He has two mist raven combos on his second phase, but they are not random, though. The last two attacks of one oh them are air shuriken throw followed by an inmediate overhead slash and the other one ends with the whirlwind slashes and a bit later an air slash. One of the combos starts with the running slash and i can't remember how does the other one starts, but they are not random. One you know this and with a little practice, you may deflect all of them
By Anonymous
There are at least two major glitches in this fight (I say at least because I think there are way more, but after fighting him literally over a hundred times and beating him a few, I have no doubt that these two are legit):

- If you dodge forward through his firecracker attack, he has a chance to do the attack where he throws a shuriken and quickly follows up with a powerful strike. Even if you deflect this attack it will completely wipe out your entire health bar. You will hear and see the deflect but you will die instantly.

- The mikiri counter on his shadow rush is glitched if he passes through a pillar (it seems more likely if the pillar is closer to you than it was to him when he started).

Camera is also the worst of any fight in the game. It will lose lock on him frequently if he is anywhere near a pillar (doesn't have to be behind it - in fact, many times it will retain lock when he's behind it but then lose it when he emerges).
By Anonymous
IDK about that second glitch but the 1st one I've experienced lots and you can actually replicate this reliably. This was present even before the update.

To do so, just dodge into the shuriken then deflect point blank. It isn't really a glitch, but it happens because of 2 things; the transition from the dodging animation into deflecting is too short, meaning your deflect is last millisecond; and Father Owl have a small hit box around their body that damages you if you're too close when he attacks. You're basically deflecting 2 things at the same time, his body hitbox 1st and then his sword hitbox. It plays the deflect sound twice as loud, but since you aren't really meant to deflect the body hitbox, you get hit, and the sword hitbox then hits you as well. If you aren't full health, it will almost always kill you.

Also, the camera isn't bad, you're just pushing it in ways it's not supposed to function. Just fight him in the middle and use his overhead smash to reposition him, because if you step out of the way, he counters and usually jumps back. You can use this to push him away from walls and pillars.
By Anonymous
No, that strong attack after the shuriken throw does not kill you even if you deflect it. It will damage you through deflect if you're too close, but even charmless/demon bell it only does about 10-15% of your health at 20 vit.

If it's one-shotting you at any vit level, you're failing the deflect.
By Anonymous
you can actually deflect both of the hitboxes with the umbrella for more posture damage
By Anonymous
The map absolutely sucks for this fight. I don't think I've died straight from the owl. Every time it's because the camera gets caught on one of the columns so i can't see what's happening while he pins me. When I force the fight into the center, it's all fine. But when it gets anywhere near the columns (which inevitably happens when you and owl are perpendicular to the rectangular room), it either gets stuck or starts flying in an out like an erratic heartbeat.
By Anonymous
What a garbage guide. It doesn't even mention how he can use Mist Raven
By Anonymous
Arguably inner father's most dangerous move, and the guide doesn't even mention it.
By Anonymous
When he sends out the flaming owl in phase 2, it will either fly low as an unblockable sweep attack like in the original fight, or with its wings sideways. In either case, it has sharp tracking and will likely hit you if you try to run sidelong, but you CAN deflect the sideways wing version. Since it's hard to tell which version it will be until it's too late, this basically means that the game wants you to unlock the midair deflect or midair prosthetic so you can jump and deflect simultaneously to cancel the possibility of being hit by either, or jumping and using the Phoenix Umbrella to completely block it. It's a bit tricky to find the right distance, but this seems to be the most reliable way to counter it and still have the reflexes to mikiri his immediate shadowfall.