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By Anonymous
Fantastic update ~
By Anonymous
His second phase is super predictable. He will use his bow+chasing slice then follow up with sakura dance. He repeats this combo a lot. Sometimes he will use lightning attack in the middle. Also, he CAN deflect the lightning back at you!
By Anonymous
his new 3 spin attack is so ****ing stupid
By Anonymous
dont be mad, bro
By Anonymous
Get gud
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
the best part of grinding new genichiro is that you get to sit through two loading screens instead of one :)
By Anonymous
Honestly I hate this with the new update. Why couldn't we get an option to instantly resume the gauntlet when you die so you don't have to sit through TWO 30 sec loading screens.
By Anonymous
Hahaha you guys below will never beat him.
By Anonymous
He’s pretty ****ing hard
By Anonymous
Just an FYI to everyone, you can practice him in the reflections before you finish up the gauntlet. Also he reflects the lightning counter every single time in the second phase. In the second phase, easiest thing to do is just rush him every chance you get. He will constantly try to use his bow, giving you free hits. Just make sure you're good at deflecting the unlockable attacks and you should be fine. You can even just charge under the lightning bow attack and be safe.
By Anonymous
Genichiro Ashina
Grandson of the old hand sword master
Savior of Ashina
Wielder of Bow and Blade
You can eat my ***